interest free from the Alberta Prosperity Bank (APB)
A true Social Credit
(#EBS, #YEG)

Rock Solid Banking

Welcome to the AAPA BANK

This bank will provide rock solid liquidity to the Edmonton locals.  It is expressly designed to promote local trade.

Please start an account and you will automatically receive 70.00 S assist you in your endeavors. 

Then Advertise your skills so that others will know that they can come to your for things that they may need.

Convert your favorite coffee house and get them into our system to bring them more local traffic.

Alternative currencies Toronto, Calgary
Monsanto Won't be using our money so you can guarantee that your money will not be going to support them.
How the Interest bearing Currency works.
How Canada had a 0 cost money and sold out to bankers at interest!
Information on the Cyclos system
How many Cylcos systems are there?