interest free from the Alberta Prosperity Bank (APB)
A true Social Credit
(#EBS, #YEG)

Why Join?

Why Join? The A.A.P.A has come to realize that the Codex Alimentarius ratified by Canada in December of 2012 and no longer has the interests of Canadians in mind but rather the interests of Big business. When we go to a grocery store and look for good nutritious food to give to our children we find that things are improperly labeled and the common names for the food we demand is not required. If you want to know if a food is Non Genetically Modified because you read somewhere that G.M.O corn causes the 5th generation of mice to have hairy mouths and you do not demand G.M.O. foods the Canadian Government has decided that you as the consumer the one that votes with your dollars does not need to know. 

We at A.A.P.A believe in full disclosure and feel that you have a choice. You can vote with your dollars and demand food that you feel is good and wholesome food for your needs. We will provide you direct access to your farmers and provide you with the protection from governmental regulatory agencies that feel they must push you to eat the new Franken food of the Codex Ailmentarius. 

How do I Participate? • Pay the annual membership fee. (2.00 CDN) • Every month take a portion of your budget and buy Prosperity Certificate (money). For instance if you spend 600 dollars per month on food buy 100 dollars in EBS and shop at the vendors that agree to provide full disclosure. 

Create value for the other members If you can make a mean loaf of banana bread or provide a service that people need feel free to join our list of vendors and indicate your skill set or what you have to offer and indicate your method of payment. E.i. If you have a product that you can sell you can take 50 percent CDN and 50 percent Prosperity Certificates. Brought to you by the Alberta Monetary Authority.

Volunteer Appreciation
AAPA pays volunteers 4.00 EBS for hours served and is a smooth way to further show the communities appreciation by allowing the volunteers to purchase products or services that would improve their financial position for their work.