interest free from the Alberta Prosperity Bank (APB)
A true Social Credit
(#EBS, #YEG)

Exchange Rate

To bring Liquidity to 1,000,000.00 S Equals 2.682 Million CDN

Exchange will be 1.000 Silver slick will Equal the spot price of silver+Gold+ Platnum/1000 in CDN. 

So Gold $1365.00 CDN, Silver $23.14 CDN, Platinum $1468.00 CDN, Equals ---------- Divided by 1000 equals 3.547 S on 09/13/2013

So 1 S = $2.682 CDN  Every New account will receive 70.000 S 

These Exchange rates will be calculated annually and evaluated from time to time using the above formula.

The new Silver Slick is not the same as the old Silver Slick.  The old one is backed 100 percent by silver in the vault.
However you can exchange your notes for the following.

8.45 New Silver Slicks per 1 Old Silver Slick.

Many are asking the Exchange for BVK
1 Silver Slick is equal to14.16 BVK
40,000BVK=1KG AU
1S=14.16 BVK
1BTC= 353.20S

Markets that may accept ESS

To exchange for BVK you must have a www.IBOM.BIZ bank account untill further notice.
Our Bitcoin Wallet in trust is: 17qPrMVNhFwoToHmvkniMP3K3bVC5nwoJu