interest free from the Alberta Prosperity Bank (APB)
A true Social Credit
(#EBS, #YEG)

How to use this money


Open account you get 70.00 ESS (Edmonton Silver Slick)
Referrals receive 10.00 ESS
Refer a healthy Organic farmer or vender and get 30.00 ESS!

Memberships Cost (to take part in the private sales) 17.00 ESS

Share this bank with as many as you can to earn community points and incentives as listed above.  Bring on a vender that sells fresh organic food and earn even more! 

Go for coffee and offer to pay with your community money and this will enable them to start an account and earn you more money.

This system will be come easier to use as more value is added.

Download the smart phone application HERE

Deal with people in Edmonton only as this is a municipal currency.

Come up with a business plan and we will finance you if the plan provides value to others in the community and our board approves.