Welcome to Eersterust Community Barter Market

Welcome to the Eersterust Community Barter Market


The Eersterust Community Barter Market, is a nonprofit environment in which we as Eersterust Communities members can barter.  The aim is to encourage our community to barter without the need of hard cash our skills, time, and resources.

We have dire sections in our Eersterust community, whom require assistance and help. Everytime we give someone a few Rand, we always considered the possibility whether or not it will really be used for food and not drugs or alcohol.

This market is based on a timebanking environment (Cyclos 4), in which time units can be bartered to provide services for supporting our community.

The way it works is simple.

Consider this scenario,  we have three people registered on our Eersterust Community Barter Market. By registering on this market, each person will get a EU 500(Eersterust Units). A typical unit is normally equivalent to an hour’s work.

Lets say, Person A, places an advert on our market, requesting gardening services

Person B, responds and offers his services for UE 2

Person B, completes the tasks and Person A pays,  UE  to Person B

This now means that Person A will have UE 498 left over, while Person B will have UE 502

Now person B, requires some groceries, but does not have any money to buy at a commercial shop. Person B, places his request for groceries in the market. Person C who has some additional groceries, charges then person UE 5

Person B then pays Person C, UE 5 for the groceries. This means that now Person A has UE 498, Person B has UE 497 and person C has UE 505

The scenario above shows a skill was transferred into a solution to satisfy a need.  We can trade anything in the market, old clothes, and furniture, etc.,  without the need of hard cash. However, this market allows transaction based on bartering of skills, into needed resources for the needy members of the Eersterust Community.

Although you may barter anything, illegal goods, stolen goods, etc. are strictly prohibited.  See rules page