Projects of Note.

CREEnergy Oil & Gas Inc.
CREEnergy is about regaining self determination of the land under U.N.D.R.I.P..

Strawman Farm Inc.
Strawman is about regaining self determination of the food under U.N.D.R.I.P..

Build a court for dispute resolution you can join us here.

Join the Co-op

We offer MB grants for any projects, innovation and startups as well as wage subsidies for under paid/valued Canadian Employees.

We also offer Basic Income for families impacted by automation and immigration.  We would like to set up a board that would head up this initiative. We suggest 2,800.00 MB per month will meet the needs of our friends.

We are promoting a Just Wage of $35.00 CDN for any employees. Minimum wage is 17.50 CDN per hour less then a Just wage

For more information contact Admin.

Just Wage: is a wage that will sustain a person working 8 hours per-day and maybe have a little bit of savings if the money is well managed.
Basic Income: is a stipend which helps provide the daily needs for a family affected by automation and immigration. (Our Basic Income is derived from the total value of the members labor [Debt free] and is not like the Canadian system where the money will be derived from gambling and smoking royalty revenues.)
Made Beaver: Is a token for labor. As inscribed in the ancient tokens (