Get our Blockchain WALLET

You can earn MB by:
  1. For 250.00 MB, Start an ERC-20 Wallet and forward your ETH wallet address to
  2. For 50.00 MB Start a Cyclos bank account.
  3. For 25.00 MB per hour work or volunteer your time at an approved corporation or charity. (Submit time sheets) to
  4. For 5.00 MB per hour we will subsidize your wages to help your Canadian dollars stretch further. (Submit time sheets)
  5. We can grant MB for certain projects. Send your proposal to Approval can take up to 6 weeks.
  6. For 100.00 MB join Indigenous Republic of Kanata. Application form here.

How to:
Made Beaver is a CRYPTO-CURRENCY and can be placed on the block chain to be more fungible.

This will put your tokens ON-CHAIN.

Download the app for your smart phone or create a paper wallet.

Step 1: You can down load the app for your phone here.
Step 2: Copy and Paste your wallet address to we will send you some MB for the effort

Why should you do this?
1. Security and control. Once the tokens are on the block-chain and you secure it you are in control of the tokens to do with as you wish.
2. Take comfort in knowing that your tokens are very fungible and spendable to any Etherium wallet.

Put the app on your smart phone.
You can also search for CYCLOS 4 on your phone store in both IPHONE and Android. Then when you start up the app the first time just deposit this link into it and then sign in.
Proof that we own the tokens:
"address": "0xaaf1da6a685d21f7899e3f0f6d197a58132fb7e5",
"msg": "The Made Beaver is an indigenous token that has been a standard of trade for eons and is accepted by the Indigenous Republic of Kanata for trade.",
"sig": "0x6c552cdcb473237ab6cf2d7da9a68b752f3d6ea60da050f16a4b704f85f542dc487865cdb30f4cf6e48d1ce8c2cf668e009325124a6db38251cf79022a7b3cc01c",
"version": "3",
"signer": "web3"
To verify copy the top { to the bottom } and paste here, then click verify.
All the above tokens were transferred on Dec-25-2018 09:32:42 PM to 0x81843075cb66cfa93deefad1040d3bc91779c78d which is also in our control.

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