Welcome to the Accruepon Trade Network Banking System

What in tarnation is an Accruepon? (Pronounced [uh-kroo-pon]) 
And furthermore what in tarnation is a tarnation? Well, tarnation is an euphemism for the word "damnation" that only grumpy old geezers say anymore. 

Now, more importantly, Accruepon is a new compound word which comes from the words ""accrue" and "coupon". Accrue means "to be added as a matter of periodic gain, natural growth or advantage, as in money deposits in a bank account". It also means "to become a present and enforceable right or demand". Coupon means "a certificate, ticket, label, advertisement, or digital online promotion or the like to emphasize its separability, entitling the holder to something, as in a gift, reward or discount." 

So as a newly formed compound word, Accruepon means "a digital certificate or unit that is holds the value of dollar (or can be easily pegged to any foreign currency) which can be traded or used as a supplemental currency between a network of participating entities, whether it is person to person, merchant to customers, business to business, or corporations to other organizations. It is both a coupon "marketing" system and an alternative currency system blended together to make an incredible "win-win" opportunity for everyone on planet Earth. The genius of this system is profound and yet so simple that even a kindergardener can grasp it. 

Forget Bitcoin or other faltering alternative crypto-currencies trying to become a viable global digital trading unit. The Accruepon and it's marketing system in it's most solid state should predictively explode on the markets almost instantaneously and has the potential of becoming a very bright and shining star in the faltering economies of the world! 
Okay, We may be a little overly optimistic or some would even say, "manic" but the truth is, there really is awesome potential for this system to become very big, very quickly, with the right team of investors, entrepreneurs and marketeers.

Move over Groupon and let a serious coupon contender in the ring. Move over cash cow, here comes "The Pig". Yes, their are many coupon systems and "reward point programs" out there but none of them address the fundamentals of a truly "win-win' situation that Accruepon does. It's an amazing system and I am sure some will kick themselves later after this ship set sails and say to themselves, "Why didn't I think of that?"

There is no one in their right mind who would pass up an incredible opportunity to save literally hundreds and thousands of dollars with the Accruepon model. Especially in today's wavering economy, both merchants and customers, consumers and producers will financially benefit tremendously from the Accruepon system. Without revealing the ingredients to the secret sauce, as of yet, those who understand it's relevance and easy marketability will see that it's a not only a "no brainer" for the economy but also a giant evolutionary step for a truly sustainable model of a global, digital, supplemental crypto-currency. The best part about it, is that it will truly be a financial windfall for those ground floor investors who sees the whole Accruepon piggy bank and it's kosher pork chops... that the next big thing has just oinked and deliciously fallen like bacon onto their investment portfolio. 

Here is a quick bullet point summary of the Accruepon system without revealing the gears and levers that make this opportunity so enticing to those who follow the current trends and market innovations. 

  • The Accruepon is a sales marketing coupon/discount system that has virtually "no blind risks and minuscule marketing implementation costs to businesses and merchants who participate in the program.
  • The Accruepon is a barter and trade system that individuals, companies and corporations can use alongside their cash transactions.
  • The Accruepon is a supplemental digital currency and "digital piggy bank" that is not only directly anchored in the promotion of businesses but also is a real and sustainable ROI, that is, Return On Investment for all companies that participate within the network.
  • The Accruepon is a "win-win" negotiation strategy between merchants and their customers.
  • The Accruepon and it's network system is a legal, ethical, "no scam", "no risk of  fraud" program that works out of the box.
  • The Accruepon is compliant with government mandates and tax laws.
  • The Accruepon is an "economic stimulus package" that has the potential to bring Utopia to the global economy. Okay, perhaps, we're overly enthused about it, but we believe it really does have the power to invigorate any economic system.

More information

We are currently developing a extremely efficient and state of the art business plan and sustainable business model, an investor's kit and other resources for those who are interested in this revolutionary and exciting ground floor opportunity whose time has come. We will keep you posted and provide links to our main website Accruepon.com as more material and information develops. Thank you for your interest.