Welcome to Healing Hub International

Healing Hub International is a living, organic structure – a network and support platform – which is serving therapists in their work and development. It is created on a new model of business based on cooperation rather than competition. With this model and structure as a base, therapists and doctors are able to develop and grow a new culture of healthcare. One that cares for the individual and at the same time empowers and connects them, both therapists and clients, with their community.

This is a place where therapists get to express and work through their own individual uniqueness within a network of support of like-minded people – giving them the space and possibility to grow and expand beyond the scope of themselves. 

Is Healing Hub International for You?

Do you feel the need to unite medical practice with complementary healthcare in order to create a sustainable and comprehensive healthcare system?


Would you like more support in your work?


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Please contact us on 086 - 247 5717 (Liz) or 086 – 811 8041 (Sinead) or via email on  for more information.