About Us


AKYSC is a community of members that helps each other takes advantage of their services/products. AKYSC inspires, empowers, and celebrates member’s belief in their ability to get it done, and then take action.

What is AKYSC’s Mission?

Expedite the implementation of community swapping, promote local enterprise, rebuild local community wealth, and support local economies and surviving in tough economic times.

Use You Mobile Device
A version for android can be downloaded at the google play store.

After starting up you can fill in your community URL in the initial (settings) page.
For example: (it is not necesary to put https:// in front of the URL)
make sure you have your signin info handy.

What are Swap Credits (SC,sc)?

Swap Credits (sc) circulate electronically within our community. It combines the best features of the Buy Local movement, a simple community currency, and business to business bartering to help everyone in the community support local businesses, keep money in the community, help those in need. The member that willingly accepts sc is the backbone of our system. After all, without plenty of places to shop for goods and services, sc would be useless.

What is the Marketplace?

Marketplace was established to facilitate and expedite the expansion of honest trade. Built to make economic survival once again a real possibility.

There are a number of reasons members engage in private trade in the Marketplace.

For merchants, some of these reasons include:

·  exposure to a new and enthusiastic customer base

·  tapping into an outlet for excess inventory

For those who are shopping in this market, some of the reasons include:

·  short-term increase in their buying power

·  sharing responsibility for helping to strengthen the local economy

·  becoming familiar with who can provide for local needs

Regardless of the reasons, many have chosen to privately engage in building a system to protect their interests now and in the future. As memberships multiply and expand, the benefits to all will become even greater.

So why become an AKYSC Member?

1) Access resources in our growing network. By participating as a member, you demonstrate that you support keeping your money within the community. Members will patron your listings specifically because you accept Swap Credits (“sc”). This is a great opportunity to grow new markets, expand business, and build valuable relationships that you would not experience without AKYSC. Further, your listing will help promote and sell your products and services to other members!

2) Make better use of time and products: Do you have items collecting dust? Extra time between projects? Extra duplicate items? Accepting sc for these excesses will help smooth your “cash” flow to avoid lags in paying bills.

3) Get products and services without spending “cash”:  you can save your Federal Reserve Notes (green money) for paying rent, the electric bill, or purchasing raw materials. Use your sc for advertising, brochures, marketing material, printing, consultants, and thousands of other goods and services that will help you simplify and help increase your happiness and enjoyment of life and life’s wonderful blessings!

4) Get sc at a discount & spend at a profit. As a member, you can purchase sc at a discount. Help put even more sc into circulation while creating a profit at the same time. You may even find that using sc is more profitable than the item or service you sold in the first place!

5) A return to community values: Do you remember when you knew the names of the business owners from whom you purchased goods and services? They knew your name too! When a member pays in sc, they demonstrate that they share your concern for the community.

As you can see, the benefits to participating are numerous.

Complete the registration to become a member so you can add your product or service to our system. You will be contacted via email to complete your enrollment.