Almost every day we throw something away because we do not need it any more. It could be a kettle, wristwatch, wall clock, cup, plate, spoon, table, table lamp, jewelries, clothings, electronics, etc. Have you ever thought of the wastefulness we've been indulging? Have you ever wondered that somebody somewhere might be dying (literally speaking) for some of those things we throw away? Perhaps you haven't.

We the Buddyburx administration believe that "one man's refuse is another man's lettuce." So, if there's anything in your possession that you need to let go, wouldn't you better sell it to someone who needs it and then use the money to buy something else that you want? Although that "something else" will probably also have been "used" by somebody. Nevertheless, it's useful to you and now yours to keep. Imagine all the "shopping money" you'd have saved at the end of the month, and the many more things you'd have been able to do with your regular income...simply because of this new direction.

The Buddyburx administration's responsibility is to create and maintain a platform that can help you and several others like you to save money, by reducing (or eliminating) wastefulness as we used to know it. Rest assured, there are millions out there that need you in this regard; and you need them too. And Buddyburx brings you all together for a social and beneficial economic practice which we undoubtedly need at this time of economic recession in Nigeria.