PRICE Centers Performance Management

Economic Investment Capital Monetization Service
Although most qualified dispensaries in the state-sanctioned cannabusiness industry are producing a great amount of gross revenue, the profits from this industry are prohibited from being deposited into the banking system. These transactions violate federal drug enforcement and anti-money laundering laws are subject to restrictive 280e tax code regulations. However, in this current legal environment, the U.S. Tax Court in the CHAMP court case ruling has determined that Investors can simultaneously operate a legally separated business that is not subject to restrictive drug, anti-money laundering and tax laws. The 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution also preserves the investors right to recoup their economic investment capital that is used for business operations. The PriceXchanger SBU Investor uses the economic investment capital monetization service to recoup and recycle invested capitalization value. UNITAS verifies and reports entity compliance and economic investment capital to FinCEN for limited cannabis designation certification. The service implementation will manage PRICE Centers (Profit, Revenue, Investment, Cost and Exchange) performance to enhance investors accountability, responsibility and cashflow capitalization.