PRICE Responsibility Centers Clearinghouse

There is a magnificent force out in the world today, and it is a force which most people do not even realize is at work. Each day hundreds and thousands of people make a choice to not let this force work in their favor, instead choosing a more difficult path. It is invisible, intangible, and mysterious, and yet it is one of the most powerful things this world has ever produced, the force that I am talking about is RESPONSIBILITY.

Responsibility is a magic force that can and will change your life, it is the cause that leads to the effect that you desire. Being responsible is a matter of thought and power, it is a positive thing, as a matter of fact it is EVERYTHING! There are two parts to this great word, the first is "respons" which is a form of the English word response which comes from the Latin "responsum" which is defined as "answer". The second half is "ibility" which is a variant of the word "ability" which comes from the Latin "habilitas" meaning "aptitude" or "easy to manage". Putting these two words together creates response ability which when broken down to its roots literally means answer with aptitude.

Response to Ability is a management control system based on the principles of delegating and locating response-ability. The authority is delegated to responsibility center and accountability for the Responsibility Center. Responsibility is a system under which managers are given decisions making authority and responsibility for each activity occurring within a specific area of the company. Under this system, managers are made responsible for responsibility centers activities under controlled techniques “Response Ability” has assumed considerable significance. While the other control devices are applicable to the organization as a whole, response-ability represents a method of measuring the performance within an organization.

The significance of Responsibility management can be explained in the following way:

PriceXchanger Investor SBU―Strategic Business Unit of Bancoser Series Group LLC., that is an autonomous and independent single-purpose entity responsible for PRICE centers performance management for Investors:
  • Pass-through pricing center - ZERO Book Entry Tender
  • Reimbursement center - Seigniorage Income
  • Investment center - Relinquish and Replace Economic Investment
  • Capital center - Recoup, Recycle and Reinvest Cashflow
  • Exchange center - In Like-Kind