Binding Ties

Back in 1955 there was a man named Matthew Rothert Sr., who owned a furniture manufacturing company in a small town called Camden, Arkansas who was inspired with an idea to strengthen the US paper currency with the words "In God We Trust."

Now exactly 60 years later, Bill Haywood whose grandmother worked for Camden furniture company for thirty years, has an idea to create an alternative currency to complement the flow of US paper currency with the inspiring words "dixitque Deus fiat lux et facta est lux" are translate to "Let there be Light and there was Light".

Time is the binding tie that connects the inspirations of men.  No matter whom we are or where we are from time is constant, however the circumstances of men do change and is not constant and inspiration is the only way men can manage time.  The times that we live in has changed from the time when a idea to include "In God We Trust" on the US paper currency; the currency is no longer backed by gold or silver, it is created from debt and it is functioning as the world's predominant reserve fiat currency.

The trust in the US paper currency is based upon the growth and expansion of the US economy globally. This shift from a domestically driven currency to a globally dominated reserve currency has drained the flow of dollars from local regions and communities in the United States into national economies around the world. This may be beneficial to the US economy for exporting our inflation but it has a compounding effect on the value of the currency. The creation of debt to create currency farther decreases the purchasing power of dollars already in circulation. In fact by design the US currency was created to function as a ''legal tender for all debts, public and private," it is a credit payment instrument. Its secondary function as a medium of exchange for goods and services is exercised when local seller to buyer credit extension is not available. The globalization of the US paper currency has consolidated and centralized the credit of the citizens of the United States, reduced the purchasing power of the US currency and jeopardize the ability of its citizens to achieve self-preservation in their local communities and regional economy.

The only way to counteract the effects of globalization on the US currency is to restore the control and extension of local credit between sellers and buyers and used it as a medium of exchange to purchase goods and services at the point of sale and use complementary currencies only as a credit payment instrument when the US paper currency is in short supply.  The light of trust between sellers and buyer has to be restored in order for our economy to heal and prosper. Complementary currencies allow us to experience the trust we must have between one another in order for us to have the faith to have "Trust In God". If we cannot master having trust between one another whom we can see how can we have Trust In God who we have not seen.