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FlexxiWallet Broker


Must be 18 years and above, SSCE minimum, male and female
- Register/open a personal FlexxiWallet free (go to: www.iflexxi.com
- Obtain Wallet number (a 9 digit code)
- Activate a broker account with N2500 (payment to Bank with your wallet number as sender)
- Log-in and send a message to the administrator with payment details
- Your Broker account will be activated with N25,000 initial funds
- Start your Broker Business 
- Register and activate wallets for new brokers N2500
* N1000 is paid to you cash and N1500 to the Bank
* Transfer N1000 from your wallet to the new broker wallet for recognition
* New broker logs-in and send payment details to administrator for activation
* Receives N25,000 Broker funds to start his/her own business

- Registration is free and can be done online or through a broker
- N250 activation fee, can be done only through a broker

Earn 40% from all transactions carried out through you:
- Broker Registration N2500
- User activation N250
- Account Funding 5% charges
- Cash withdrawal charges 5%
- Offer other e-payment and e-business products and services to individuals and organizations

- A smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop computer
- Data connection
- Browser should be updated to the latest, highest version
- Main smartphone web browser is highly recommended

Start Now! Go to www.iflexxi.com and Register

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Flexxi Innovations Ltd,

GTBank Plc,

Account Number: 0126994675

FlexxiWallet Broker


Make money providing FlexxiWallet services to Government, Private and public organizations, micro, small and medium scale enterprises, Schools etc. and the general public.


As a FlexxiWallet Broker, you are a mobile payment processor offering e-payment transaction services to the general public.


A fully trained/licensed FlexxiWallet Broker is well equipped to function as:

-          an e-Payment Specialist/Consultant

-          a Field Bank Representatives

-          a Mobile Teller Machine

-          a Money Transfer Agent

-          a Corporate Thrift Manager


FlexxiWallet Broker Services include:

This service is positioned to have a faster, deeper penetration than current mobile money operations and is aimed at closing the gap between the banked and unbanked population.