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Stay in Obenaus

Owner: Rainer von Leoprechting
Category: Rooms / shared
Price: 20.00 IMP

Your stay in Obenaus

Book your stay in the rolling hills of South Styria, meet your frændis at the life community place.
A number of simple guestrooms are available, most with shared bathroom.

Guestroom stays are offered with full pension (all meals included). We expect our visitors to take part in the community life and share in with some of the works needed to keep the place up, like cooking, gardening, wood chopping, cleaning, taking care of the animals etc. We have our Obenaus imp system where your share in chores is valued :-)

The contribution for your room needs a part in €, and this part booked here in IMPs.
All contributions are per night or 24 h of stay.

Stay in a tent or camper van: 30 € or 20 IMPs booked here plus 10 €.
Stay in a simple guest room with shared bathroom: 40 € or 20 IMPs plus 20 €.
Stay in the guest apartment with private bathroom: 50 € or or 20 IMPs plus 30 €.

When booking, please select the number of days you plan to stay overnight, and send us a message for the dates.

Looking very much forward to being together with you here!