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Stay in Obenaus - in another B&B or Hotel

Owner: Obenaus
Categories: Salon / spa / fitness, Vacation rentals
Price: 20.00€

Welcome to Obenaus for the Frændi summer camp !

We are happy you're coming and experiencing the Obenaus way of living on the countryside and in community.
At the current state of our place we can offer camping space for your stay with modern bathrooms and warm showers. You can bring your own tent or borrow one from us. If you are looking for more comfort, B&Bs and hotels are within walking distance from the farm. Summers are normally very sunny and dry. In the unlikely case of much rain, there is dry shelter. We have just a few guest rooms with firm walls around you on the farm as well.

More on the Obenaus summer on the website.

Here a few links to nice places in the neighborhood:

The best hotel in the area, 20 mins walking from Obenaus: https://www.loisium.com/suedsteiermark/home/
A farm-based modest B&B with opulent (non vegan) breakfast: Hannelore’s Guesthouse (10 min walk), phone: +436644295085
Small hotel, you can see Obenaus from there, 25 mins walk or 5 mins drive: http://www.ewitsch13.at/
and so many more nice options: http://www.suedsteirischeweinstrasse.at/index.php?id=451