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Goldenland Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited is a branch that emerged from an initiative of All-Alliance Fund Investment Nigeria Limited. It is a private business initiative with a goal to assist individuals and aspiring business entrepreneur to achieve their social, economical and financial freedom.

Goldenland Cooperative is registered with the appropriate and certified supervisory body and runs independent of the promoters (All-Alliance Fund Investment Nigeria Limited), providing thrift and loan services to its members across all Nigerian States. With the power of effort and network membership, Goldenland Cooperative is fully ready to unhook the yoke of lack of need because there is tremendous power and unending possibilities in collaborative efforts. Through the spirit of team-work, it is believed that people can achieve greater things much more together than individually, where dreams and aspirations can come through with or without the ridiculous traditional loans from bank and finance houses.

As a cooperative society, Goldenland Coop seeks to conduct its business profitably while also looking into the wellbeing of its members. The members shall have access to loan facility with rock-bottom interest rate, enjoy the interest on savings, dividend on shares and the privilege of being elected into any management committee position. We strife with the conviction that there is post contemporary advancement to credit and thrift cooperation; in one accord, we can develop our individual abilities, nurture our collective opportunities and strengthen our financial system.