Energy Healing, Somatic Experiencing and Spiritual Counseling

Owner: Nancy Plumer
Category: alternative medicine
Price: 150.00~

People come to spiritual energy healing for different reasons.

Some people have not found satisfactory help for a physical problem in a traditional medical setting.  Other people feel an inner ache or longing for something they can’t even name.  Still others have worked on their emotional issues in talk therapy and yet still feel trapped in old patterns.

One Light Healing Touch spiritual energy healing addresses issues by working on an energetic level.  We all have energy flows coursing through and around us.  When these flows become obstructed we encounter physical, mental, or spiritual imbalances.  Healing sessions remove the blockages and restore us to greater levels of self-acceptance, wholeness and wellness.

Many people find they become more open, experience greater clarity, and feel they are more able to fulfill their purpose for being.

What are the benefits?

Healing sessions with Nancy Plumer help release negative blocked or stuck energy, and restore vitality, balance and wellness.  Sessions may include psychic information for your guidance and clarity.

Sessions can help in the management of: stress, anxiety and depression; general fatigue and loss of vitality; pain from emotional and physical trauma; chronic illnesses, life’s challenges and difficulties; chemotherapy support; and spiritual growth.