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At Dreamkeeper Botanicals, Ashley Sapir Lathrop, M.S., is passionate about providing herbal wisdom for vibrant health. Offerings and opportunities include

You can get in touch with Ashley at ashley.sapir@gmail.com or visit her website at dreamkeeperbotanicals.com

About Ashley:
Ashley Sapir Lathrop, proprietor of Dreamkeeper Botanicals, has been studying traditional medicine since the 1990’s.  Ashley is passionate about making affordable, holistic health care available to all.  She cares for her family with herbs, teaches her children the language of the plants and maintains a green apothecary.  Ashley sees clients who seek natural and nourishing approaches to wellness.  She works with people of all ages, in all stages, to feel empowered in their bodies.  This may take the form of preventative health care or assistance with recovery from illness or injury.  Ashley offers classes, for groups of all sizes, on a wide variety of plant and health related topics.