A Moveable Feast for Your Fireplace

Owner: New View Remodeling
Category: General

This customizable woodshed can be relocated easily to any location in your backyard. With an elegant, post and beam design this is a functional addition to any backyard.

The custom shed pictured was 12' x 40" x approx 5' high. It was assembled using post and beam joinery of pressure-treated (PT) 4x4 members with diagonal supports on 12' long 4x4 skids allowing it to be moved, if so desired. The roof was constructed with corrugated metal over 1/2 inch PT plywood and was designed to be raised. The roof was divided into two sections to lift it more easily. The customer was very specific about his needs and this shed was designed to fulfill those needs. 

As it was constructed, this shed was $2,100.00. Simpler designs, not utilizing post and beam joinery, or  sheds that are larger or smaller would be priced commensurately. 

To obtain a quote for your custom woodshed contact me, Victor Kragh (sounds like Craig) at 845-802-4705, Email - newviewhandyman@gmail.com.

Victor Kragh is New View Remodeling. My hourly rate is $~40.00.