Teambuilding with Horses!

Owner: HorsePlay: Equine Experiential TeamBuilding & Development
Category: Classes
Price: 300.00~

Grow your Team, Discover your Group's Strengths
 Get the Family Out for Some Fun!

HorsePlay provides unique and memorable experiential learning opportunities for families, groups, and teams by engaging with miniature horses on-the-ground ! Absolutely no horse experience is required.

Participants do not ride. Instead, all interactions are unmounted. Players gain an expanded awareness of their behaviors, beliefs, communication styles and patterns - and how those affect self and others. The environment in safe, both emotionally and physically. The settings provides for a playful, refreshing, outdoor experience. Our expert facilitators are Eagala certified and experienced with both personal and professional development.  

HorsePlay activities are highly successful for the following:

Company and Group Team-Building • Client and Customer Relations • Managing stressful situations• Creative Problem Solving • Sensitivity Training, and more. Bring us your goals and we'll design activities to meet them.

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Services provided year-round. Promotional price valid through March 26 - good for service through December1, 2017.