Screened-in Porch

Owner: New View Remodeling
Category: Renovation

 Wouldn't you like to be relaxing in bug-free comfort inside your own screened-in porch?  

Or perhaps you have another unique issue to deal with? Would you also like to beautify your home? Talk to me about design ideas.


I work by the hour or by the project. My hourly rate is payable in Currents or dollars or any combination thereof, depending on the job. Usually, the ratio would be in direct proportion to what you accept for your goods or services. 


One hour consultation for design or advice at no cost. Estimates are $~60.00, non-refundable, applied to the cost of the job. My hourly rate is $~40.00.

New View Remodeling - General Light Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, Remodeling and Renovation. 

Photos of recent work and references available on request.


To obtain a quote for your project, contact me, Victor Kragh (sounds like Craig): Phone - 845-802-4705; Email -