MathiPay Exchange

Corporate Business Activities

MathiPay Exchange Co., Limited is a world class group of financial companies, serving commercial and manufacturing companies in area of marketing and payments processing, with operations scheduled in more than 230 countries and nearly 1000,000 employees from a wide diversity of backgrounds and in a broad range of professions. Our growth and long term viability depend on all of us embracing the ethical shared values and principles that motivate and guide our day-to-day undertakings. Expressed in our code of conduct, these values and principles are critical to the success of MathiPay Exchange Co., Limited.


MathiPay Exchange actively manages a wide range of products and services portfolio using a specialized online payments management system which is unique in the utilization of the concept that encourages and supports the use and retailing of its products through independent distributors network worldwide. MathiPay Exchange, its corporate subsidiaries and all affiliated companies constitutes a family of related companies with distributors marketing services and products worldwide who are integrated into a lucrative business opportunity which features a set of affiliate programs  throughout the world.  


MathiPay Exchange World Trade Portal Affiliate Program is managed at Household groups, Tencell groups, Street groups, Village groups, Ward groups, County groups, Constituency groups, District groups, Province groups, Zonal groups, Territory groups, Subregional groups, Regional groups, and Global groups hierarchical levels which are known as Clusters for convenience of business operation and management. In consideration of the geographical coverage in each level, requirements of starting capital may differ from one level to another. Complete information may be obtained from your broker or your Corporate Home Office.


MathiPay Exchange provides its distributors with the best quality products, support staff and marketing plan in the industry. It is unique in utilization of the word of mouth marketing. The affiliated companies and their products provide an opportunity for consumers and distributors to improve their quality of lives from using our high quality products and services which we offer in the market.


Unlike most business opportunities, there is little financial risk to MathiPay Exchange participants, since no minimum overhead investment or expenses are required and the Company provides a liberal buy back policy of resalable services and products. To join our business opportunity you just choose your affiliate program, register by providing important information, submit your information either online or offline, activate your registration, receive confirmation and start trading. It is that simple like ABC.


Our ethical commitment is based on three core values:


For these ethical values to have a meaningful impact, they have to be expressed through a certain number of business principles applied in our sphere of activity; continuously upholding respect for Human Rights standards, an ongoing concern with safety and environmental protection, respect for everyone we work with, integrity towards the company and in our business relationships, non-interference in political processes, and support for colleagues, host communities and businesses partners.


In every unit, senior management is responsible for instilling these ethical values and ensuring that the corresponding principles are applied. You can consult the Governance and Ethics Committee on any issue related to application of the Code, in particular to help you to make any sensitive decisions that may arise in the course of your work. It is through these fundamental principles that we will be able to build the strong, sustainable growth that benefits everyone.