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How to be liked by others

You will get what you want out of life only if you are able to get along with people. Getting along with others means that they like you and will do things for you. In other words, they react positively to your personality. Your personality is nothing more or less than your attitudes in action. It is the way you communicate your thoughts about others and yourself. Here are some pointers to remember to make your personality pleasing, one that creates positive reactions in others:

1.     To have a friend, you must be one.

2.   The greatest hunger that people have is to be needed, wanted and loved. Help create those feelings in others.

3.     Don’t try to impress others. Let them impress you.

4.     Be kind to people. You can’t always love them, but you can be kind to them.

5.     Learn to like yourself. Others will respond to you the way you respond to yourself.

6.     Be enthusiastic. Nothing significant was ever achieved without enthusiasm including deep, rich human relationships.

7.     Be positive. Positive people attract others; negative people repel others.

8.    Do things to make people feel important. Write a letter. Give a compliment. Say, “thank you.” Praise. Encourage. Support. Cooperate.

9.    Sticking up for your “rights” is great, but do you always have to be right? Letting the other person be right once in a while will keep friendships warm.

10. Be a good listener. You can have a greater effect on others by the way that you listen than by the way that you talk.

11. Unless you can say something worthy about a person, say nothing.

12. Call a person by name. Use it often in your conversation.

13. Communicate cheerfulness. Smile. Be pleasant. Talk about the brighter things in life.

14. Avoid arguments.

15. If you’re going to make fun of someone, make sure it’s yourself.

16. Help people like themselves. The greatest compliment someone can give you is to say, “i like myself better when I’m with you.”

17.Be genuinely interested in others. Get them to talk about themselves. Ask for their opinions, ideas, and viewpoints.


44 proven ways to make money from MathiPay Exchange affiliate programs:

1.     Sell yourself first - on the company, the programs, the services and the compensation plan.

2.     Make a 100% commitment for at least one year.

3.     Let everyone know what business you’re in.

4.     Present the services and compensation plan to at least one person every day.

5.     Spend 80% of your business time with customers, company distributors and prospects.

6.     Make “understanding people” more important than service knowledge.

7.     Duplicate yourself by training the company to be independent of you.

8.     Praise your company accomplishments.

9.     Stay in contact with successful company distributors and ask how they did it.

10. Be persistent - only one out of 20 people you approach may be interested in the business. It is quality, not quantity you’re after.

11. Lead by example. Never stop enrolling and training.

12. Keep it simple. Make things which are duplicable.

13. Conduct simple, brief, and dramatic opportunity meetings. You are there to motivate, not educate.

14. Communicate with your group. Make sure everyone on your success team is clear on company policy and procedures.

15. Concentrate on what you can do for your company distributors, not your own profits.

16. Listen 80% of the time, talk 20%.

17. Satisfy all complaints immediately.

18. Ask for referrals from all your best customers.

19. Under promise and over produce. Give more than they expect!

20. Believe in the services and program so much that you know every person is going to need them one way or another.

21. Tell company distributors you’ve enrolled that you appreciate working with them.

22. Don’t accept “no” for a final answer. Approach each prospect at least 12 times per year with new information.

23. Speak enthusiastically about the programs and services.

24. Don’t forget your company distributors, and don’t let them forget you!

25. Work on top priority projects that produce the highest returns.

26. Provide help to your company distributors that earn it. Teach your downline that the best way to receive assistance from you is to work the business!

27. Build your list of contacts daily while building your reputation.

28. Approach former top producers of companies which are no longer in existence. They are always open.

29. Fit the needs of a prospect with the benefits of the services and/or business opportunity.

30. Subscribe to Forbes magazine. Read self-help books.

31. Do not pass anything negative downline. Remember, anything negative goes upline, only positives go downline. Check the facts before believing any negative rumor.

32. Leave all your problems outside the door when you attend opportunity meetings.

33. Always be positive on company conference calls.

34. Expand your group nationally. Think big!

35. Tell others what they’re interested in knowing, not what you think they should hear.

36. Spend money only when it will make you money.

37. Schedule important tasks at the time of the day when you are at your best.

38. Delegate - do things only you can do.

39. Present and attend opportunity meetings frequently.

40. Know that: if others can do it, so can you! Challenge yourself to be more than you think you are.

41. Use part of your profits to build your business.

42. Give yourself a reward for reaching your goals, and a penalty for falling short.

43. Have so much fun in your business that others will want to join you.

44. Do it now!!