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The Seven (7) Stages To Realize Your Life Dreams

Stage 1. Dream

If you are going to make your dreams come true, then begin by having those dreams. Dreams are wonderful things. They can be anything you want. They can reach out to places you have never been. They can give you possessions you never thought you would ever have. Do not be timid and limit your dreams. If you can imagine the dream, then you have taken the first step toward making that dream come true.


Stop reading for a moment and get comfortable. First close your eyes and, visualize what you want to become, where you want to be. Imagine the life-style you want to enjoy, and then with your eyes still closed, Believe you can make it happen if... if you are willing to Earn your dreams. You can be in complete control of this visualization. You can make this process easy by cutting out pictures of a car and a home you would like to own. Finally, visualize the places you would like to visit and the clothes you would like to wear driving that new car, going to those places. Cut them out; stick them up where you will see them during your day and then, most important, picture yourself as having already achieved your specific dreams. Smell the leather in your new car, feel the fabrics of that new outfit, and taste that meal you are having in a sidewalk cafe in that country you will be visiting.


Stage 2. Want It!

It begins with your dream, but that is not enough. You have to Want It! Want it badly enough to be willing to put forth the effort required to make your dream happen! Make your dreams a constant in your daily life.


Stage 3. Set The Date - Write It Down

A little pressure is a strong motivator. When is that new car coming out? Okay. That is your date for the car. Write It Down! Think that is silly? Guess what? In a recent national survey only 5% of the population took the trouble of writing down their goals. Strangely enough only 5% of the population is financially secure. Coincidence? We do not think so. Those 5% took simple steps toward making their dreams come true. They wrote them down every day where they could usually see and read them. It is such an easy thing to do, and while you’re doing it, you will become 100% focused on your dream, your goals, and your dates. Little by little, your ability to focus will expand and grow stronger, especially when you see the fruits of your efforts becoming reality.


Be realistic and specific about your goals. Dream as much as you would like, but maintain a sense of reality. For example, if your dream is to have lots of money, then begin by establishing short-term achievable goals. While we want to encourage you to reach out, try to keep one foot on the ground, okay? Remember . . . Write It Down!


Stage 4. Plan

Dreaming about it is the first step, and making a plan to realize that dream is the next. What, exactly, is it going to take to make your dreams come true? Once you have the answer to this question, you will be on your way.


Stage 5. Believe

Belief is a key part of your new self-image. You must Believe in your dreams, your goals and, most important of all, in yourself. This is another unmistakable truth. If you do not believe in yourself, who will? Once you display self-confidence, it is going to show, and others will also start believing in you. By believing in yourself, you begin a wonderful cycle that just keeps on growing, and growing, and growing.


Stage 6. Do It Now!

Your dream progresses next to vital steps in the process of remembering; that of setting goals, and planning how to attain them . . . Do It! Take that first step, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem to you now. You will soon come to realize that first step was a giant one. You Did It! You took command of yourself and of the situation. It might be something as simple as ABC. The first time you walk up to someone and inform him or her about your company, and your products, you are succeeding.


Take it for granted you will succeed. Why shouldn’t you? The products you will be talking about are exciting. You are doing the talking and of course you believe in yourself as well! So under those conditions, how can you possibly fail? Assume success! Take it for granted! Be enthusiastic! Radiate positive energy. Self-belief is contagious. Who would you like to spend time with? The person filled with self-doubts with a negative point-of-view, or the individual who knows where he or she is going and wants to share their excitement about the joy of living with you? Not much of a choice, is it?


Discipline Yourself! With no one around to instruct you what to do, or how to do it, that responsibility is now yours. Accept it. Know you can handle it. Do what needs doing, when it needs doing.


Get Rid Of Negative Influences! We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but it is amazing how many people hang on to negative surroundings, poor work habits, neglect their own health and maintain negative relationships. Why, for heaven’s sake? All that can come from a negative situation is a negative result. So begin now. How about giving those old clothes you never wear to a charity. The charity will feel good and so will you. The principle of giving, remember? Go ahead; get rid of that unhealthy food while you are at it. By eliminating things you do not need, things that are not healthy, you make room for what you do need, and things that are good for you.


Stage 7. Achievement

The first goal you achieve is the result of your personal efforts. We know the feeling. You are going to love it! You got here because you had the dream, planned, believed, worked, shared, had fun, gave of yourself, Did It! Here comes the best part. You can keep doing it. Dream a little bigger this time and begin the whole, wonderful process all over!