MathiPay Exchange


Human Resources At MathiPay

Dialogue, openness, equal opportunity, diversity, mobility and skills development are the values that shape the human resources policies of MathiPay Exchange and our affiliates, whose employees are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds.


MathiPay Exchange attracts many talented people, both experienced and just starting their careers, of varied national, cultural and educational backgrounds. With positions in more than 500 professions, we offer them opportunities in a number of specialties, including administration, research & development, marketing, sales, logistics and more. We motivate and retain our employees through human resources policies that offer them a variety of career paths and skills development opportunities, to meet today's new business challenges more effectively.


Strong Values

Each year MathiPay Exchange hires in the neighborhood of 10,000 people, 75% of them outside Europe. We have people of 130 different nationalities working for us.

To promote the professional growth and development of all our employees, our human resources policies are built on four cornerstones:


A Transparent, Simplified Recruitment Process

From our very first meeting with applicants, we showcase our values and create an atmosphere conducive to dialogue.


Our recruitment process varies by country and segment, but shares a number of core steps and principles:


A Company That Combats Discrimination

MathiPay Exchange fights all forms of discrimination in hiring. We take concrete steps to promote gender equity in the workplace:


Lastly, MathiPay Exchange encourages young women to major in information technology, administration, finance and related careers.

We also routinely strive to promote the hiring and retention of disabled workers. We have undertaken a number of initiatives, including:


A Tangible Commitment 

Demonstrating our strong commitment to equal opportunity, MathiPay has signed a number of agreements, including the:


Encouraging Employee Dialogue

Fostering employee relations is a cornerstone of MathiPay Exchange's human resources policies. All over the world we are involved in creating forums for dialogue, such as the ones listed below.


Employee dialogue also means listening to our employees. Every two years we take their pulse through the MathiPay Survey, which measures their satisfaction and commitment and pinpoints ways we can improve.