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How to Prepare Successiful Affiliate Meetings

First, and foremost you want a well-attended function. Set your appointments, confirm the dates and reconfirm the day before. The more people you have, the more excitement will be generated. A lot depends on how well you run these initial meetings, so take the time and effort to do them right!



It can begin with the food you are serving. If Mary makes the best chili in town, then give her the delightful opportunity to show off by letting her bring chili to the meeting. The idea is to get your prospects as involved as possible. Let them feel a part of what you’re doing, even before they arrive! Maybe you can delegate someone to reconfirm appointments, especially if they know the guests better than you do. Building confidence within your distribution group is an important part of leadership. Most of us just love the feeling of knowing we are helping a friend. You let them know how grateful you are. Generating a team spirit makes the meeting move smoothly. It allows you to cover all the important items on your agenda smoothly.



Set aside one part of your home where you can display your company products and brochures. Set aside a meeting area where the business discussions are taking place. This does not mean the fun suddenly stops. Far from it. This is where the fun really begins!



This is a business meeting, so both men and women should dress accordingly. You know your neighbors better than we do so we will give you a degree of latitude here. Proper dress sets a proper tone.



The selection of the room for business should be a comfortable meeting area. Well lit, products displayed, sufficient glasses, sweetener, lemon, ice cubes, spoons, visible erasable board, and comfortable room temperature.



Do not rearrange your furniture if you can possibly help it. You want the room to look normal. Have enough chairs handy for everyone.


Smoking and drinking

Let your smokers know ahead of time you would please appreciate it if they would not smoke during the presentation. No alcohol. In fact, no eating or drinking of any kind during the actual presentation.


TV & the phones

TV off. Let the answering machine get the calls. You do not want any outside disturbances during the meeting, demonstration and presentation.



Be sure you introduce everyone to your sponsor and up-line. Stick to business. Do not talk about those who did not show up; focus instead on the ones who did. If you are scheduled to attend a meeting at another location and find yourself unable to make it, be sure you make the necessary arrangements with your sponsor or someone in your up-line to host your affiliate and his or her prospects.


Children & pets

They do not belong anywhere near your meeting. Get a sitter!


Getting the show on the road

Be punctual! An absolute must. You are a professional conducting a very important business meeting. You do not wait for Joe, or Susie, or anyone. If your meeting is to begin at eight, then make sure you start at that time. It sets a very good example for everyone to follow and shows that you conduct yourself as a true professional.



As you introduce the guest speaker, give your visitors some background information about this individual. This is especially important for your initial meetings since your visitors will meet that guest speaker for the first time. It is important to your guest speaker for you to begin warming up the visitors, about the nature of the business and what it could mean to those who get involved but, keep your remarks brief.


Length of meeting

The initial meeting should not be longer than one hour. Use this time wisely and share as much information with your prospects as time will allow. Here are some guidelines for the speaker that will help stay within that time limit:


1. The speaker acknowledges his introduction, lays out the meeting format, which is:

A.   Product presentation

B.   Product sampling

C.   Marketing program


2. The speaker then begins your company products presentation, describing them and their benefits.


3. The speaker now presents the business portion of the meeting, which covers your company marketing program and its compensation program. Plan to use the erasable board to highlight as much information as possible.


The marketing program

There are four marketing methods:

1.   Retail

2.   Catalog

3.   Direct sales

4.   Network marketing


The speaker will, of course, focus on network marketing and MathiPay Exchange business opportunity specifically as follows:


1. The speaker explains the basic formula of mlm, which is the establishment of multiple outlets through independent affiliates, some of who are in the room right now. The speaker might give a classic example of the independent outlet by referring to a group soft drink vending machines as a single outlet. The individual income generated by each machine may not be very impressive, but when you factor in hundreds of thousands of machines spread across the country, well, ask Coke or Pepsi about that.


2. Using the board, the speaker draws an “mlm tree,” showing the branches, explaining the meanings of the basic terminology.


3. The speaker explains the unique advantages of network marketing offered by MathiPay Exchange. They are:

A.   Excellent products

B.   Small cost of start-up

C.   Excellent income potential

D.   National and international markets

E.   You are the boss

F.    Flexible hours

G.   Full training & support

H.   Compulsively consumable products

I.    Significant business tax advantages


4.  The speaker then explains your company philosophy and product line. This portion of the program will clearly position your company as having a unique position and marketing strategy, both of which set it far apart from other network marketing companies.


5. The income and bonus plans are reviewed. They are really exciting and should inspire everyone in the room.


6.   The speaker then shares his/her own success story.

7.   The speaker then opens the floor to questions.


8.  The speaker will conclude the meeting by sharing with the guests how each of them can build their own businesses and thus become a key part of this exciting new world.


By this time, at least some of your guests have already decided to become affiliates, but they are not sure how to continue, which is exactly what the speaker will now explain. On the board they will write, how to get started – commitment and tell them what that means. Next they write, why? Reasons, telling them network marketing will benefit their family and suggestions they may consider as well as how they would go about building their own business.


After that your meeting attendees write list of names so others can start thinking about whom they can put on their lists of prospects.


The next item will be tools, this includes:


The speaker will next tell your guests that those who have interest should start preparing a schedule for their first two home meetings. Their sponsor will help them conduct those initial sessions, just as they are doing tonight. To make that point, the speaker then writes

2 Home Meetings” On The Board. Write all the key factors on the board. These tell your interested prospects exactly what they should do to get started. It also makes it clear that you, as their sponsor, will be right there to support them as they get started. Show them that it is as simple as ABC.


This is the time to develop as many sharing opportunities as possible. You help them, and someday soon, they will be doing the same for the people they bring aboard. Synergy... Team work! Everybody is working together so that the result of the completed effort is greater than the sum of the individual parts.


The speaker will close by thanking everyone for attending. Then, you arrange the date and time of the next meeting and extend invitations. Require that additional guests come to future meetings. Finally, stay and answer questions your guests may have. This is the time for you to get busy and start working your prospects on an individual basis. Give them each an “information packet” and suggest that once they have a chance to go over it they can feel free to give you a call and ask questions.


Take out your appointment book and ask them what days they’d like to make a formal appointment to review everything or discuss anything they want to talk about. The book does two things: it makes you look professional. It sets the date and time down in writing, which will make an impression on your prospect. You are already showing them steps they will follow when it is their turn to do this.

Variations on the theme:

1.   Prospect gets kit, signs an application at the meeting.

A.   Schedule follow-up meeting.


2.   Same as above but you do not have an extra kit.

A.   Give them an information packet.

B.   Schedule meeting, within two days, so you can bring the kit, answer questions.


3.   Prospect does not sign up after the meeting.

A.   Give them the information packet.

B.   Schedule a meeting within two days to come by and pick it up.

C.   Feel free to discuss anything they would like to talk about.

D.   Be prepared to sign them at this follow-up session.


4.   If your prospect was unable to attend the meeting:

A.   Get an information packet to them.

B.   Follow-up in 2 days and ask if they can attend the next meeting.


Do not come across as pushy. You should have a very good idea of who will, by their actions and comments, show an interest in becoming an affiliate. Focus your time and energies on the ones you feel display positive attitudes. Give them all the information they want and answer all of their questions, then let them decide.