MathiPay Exchange


Effective Recruiting Methods

How products & services are sold

1. Retail sales

It is the way you and i buy most of our goods. We are at the end of a long chain that goes from manufacturer to affiliate to retailer and finally to us, with markups every step of the way.


2. Catalog sales

The manufacturer sends us catalogs and we select the items we want. The manufacturer then ships the merchandise directly to us, thereby eliminating two links in the distribution chain.


3. Direct sales

The door to door selling technique: a manufacturer’s representative comes to our home shows us the line and we make our selections. The only markup is the commission paid to the manufacturer’s representative.


4. Network marketing

This is the modern form of selling. Goods and services are available direct from the company through its network of affiliates.

In this sales model, previous sales experience is not necessary because the company provides the materials and support needed to make each affiliate a successful business person. The ultimate goal of any marketing system is to sell product. A major difference between network marketing and other sales systems is the network marketing philosophy of sharing the profits.


You are the boss

You really are. You decide whom you want to have as customers and who as affiliates. No one will be looking over your shoulder; there is no time clock to punch; no set amounts of hours you have to work. You make every decision. You are a member of the MathiPay Exchange family. The only one setting limits and goals is you!


These standards are set to ensure the highest levels of product and customer satisfaction. You work as an independent contractor, not as an employee.


If you are new to the concept of network marketing, an annual income in the high five figures is quite realistic, but not the limit. In theory, there is no limit. If you truly dedicate 100% of your effort to the company’s program, the results will amaze you. A key to reaching those stratospheric plateaus is being very selective about whom you sponsor. You will achieve your maximum potential by selecting individuals with great care. Like yourself, they must be goal oriented, profit motivated and not afraid to expend the total effort that will help both them and you achieve your common goals.


For your part, it is not enough to simply sign up affiliates; you have to set the standard by working with them until they feel comfortable enough to go out on their own, and even then, continue to motivate, train, and lead them! The moment you become an affiliate, you instantly become the boss. We will, of course, be there every step of the way, but as a partner, not your employer. It is in our most selfish interest to make sure that you succeed.


Remember our motto is... ‘Your success is our successes’

That is the key philosophy behind our network marketing plan; you working with your people to make them winners so they can do the same for you!


The first goal you achieve is the result of your personal efforts. We know the feeling. You are going to love it! You got here because you had the dream, planned, believed, worked, shared, had fun, and gave of yourself, you did it!


Here comes the best part. You can keep doing it. Dream a little bigger this time and begin the whole, wonderful process all over!


You must be ready, willing and able to continually give your business your best effort. Do you deserve less? Learn, apply what you learn, think, be creative, and commit!


Look to your sponsor for help and support, and as a sponsor, be ready to offer help and support to your people. Here are the four key areas to which you must be willing to commit:


1.   Products

The best and most efficient way to become familiar with your line of concentrated products is to use them! It will be infinitely easier for you to sell a series of products if you know their benefits. Your company and its products most certainly have a myriad of benefits. Think about it.


2.   The tools of your trade

Like any good craftsman, you are going to need tools to do your job properly. In your case, these tools are:


About executive sales kits: it is good business practice to have some extras handy. You never know when you might need one.


One important aspect that sets MathiPay Exchange Corporation Limited apart from the rest of the industry is that your company sales kits are reasonably priced. Your company did this so you could afford to purchase additional copies, and occasionally give some away. Spread the word and you will dramatically increase your profit potential.


3.   Time commitment

How much time you invest equals how great your return will be. A time investment translates into a financial return. Never lose track of that essential fact. Once you become an affiliate, you embark on a new and exciting career. It is imperative that you devote a specific amount of time each day to your new career. Some areas where you must be willing to devote time are:


Setting and writing goals


4.   Learning

Knowledge about MathiPay Exchange and its products and services will benefit everyone involved in the selling process. Make it your business to use any or all of these sources: your sponsor, your up-line, affiliate materials, manuals, seminars, books, and DVDs. Your company will supply you with the tools. It is up to you to make the best possible use of them.


Please, do not be afraid to ask questions! We are here to help. It is the sole reason for the company’s existence. Remember our motto is.. Your success is our success.


Select your associates

This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. These are the men and women you feel have the qualifications to assist both you and themselves in laying the foundation for your shared enterprise. We suggest you make a written list of them because:


Here are some qualifications:


Never prejudge

Never prejudge any of your qualified prospects. Some may not currently be ready to start building their own organization but they might sponsor someone who is ready. You must allow your prospects the freedom to make their own decisions about becoming an affiliate.


Who do you know?

Start writing down the names of everyone you know. Begin with family, (of course). Then friends, business associates, service people, the professionals you know, the people who work where you shop, buy gasoline, get your haircut.  It is amazing how many names will appear on your list when you have completed it. We ask you to think because your list will grow; trust us on this one. You are now ready to add the complete addresses and phone numbers to your contact management system.


Now… organize it!

Get a three by five index file box and cards or a contact manager system. Beginning with the last name first, write the prospect’s name at the top then add all the following:


Use your files to track each of your prospects. This will enable you to know when they are ready for sponsoring. Some will be ready quickly; others might take longer.


By keeping accurate files on each of your prospects, you will have a feel for where each is and when they are approachable. Your file should be a living thing, constantly growing, changing, and talking to you. Your file should always be dynamic, never static.


Prospecting, qualifying and learning

How to extend the invitation: if the thoughts of approaching people to talk about your company’s products makes you nervous, do not worry about it.


Qualifying prospects

How do you determine if your prospect will wind up being a customer or an affiliate? Here are some basic steps to help you formulate a positive course of action.


Talk to the prospect. Even if the prospect is someone you have known for a long time, you are now looking at that person through different eyes. That prospect is now a potential business partner.


Think about your conversation; what was said, how it was said? Did you sense enthusiasm? Excitement? Mentally replay the conversation and recall the feelings you felt the first time around.


Pay attention to the feedback you receive from your prospect. Are the comments positive? Do the comments describe the kind of person that would make a valuable addition to your affiliate network, or do those comments describe someone who will more likely remain a valuable customer?


Either choice the prospect makes is fine. Not every prospect will become an affiliate. Hopefully, every prospect will love the products enough to become a valuable, long-term customer and a good source of referrals.


Study your prospect’s ability to relate with other people in many different situations. Their ability to relate is an important indicator of potential success.


Pay close attention. In step 3 we went over a short list of traits to look for in selecting a prospect so it is unnecessary to repeat them here. Just go over them when you begin this qualifying process as a guideline.


The invitation

Sound simple? Well, it is, if you do it right. Here is how:


The approach

At first you will most likely attempt to recruit someone you know quite well. This will make the process a lot easier. There are some basics you should mentally prepare for on this first session, and the ones that follow.

Note: the guidelines we give you are just that, guidelines. Please feel free to add anything that works better for you.


Pre-plan your meeting so you will be confident about what you are going to say, and how you are going to present yourself, and your company.


Do not memorize!

Just have a solid understanding of the facts so you can recall them as needed. Relax, enjoy yourself.

This is going to be fun! Act as natural and positive as possible.


Attitude, professional and friendly: let your prospect know that what you are presenting to them is a serious business proposal with profound implications for their future. Sell your belief and personal feelings.


Excitement: create excitement about your products and ideas. If your presentations are stimulating, then everyone will feel this energy. You believe in what you are offering so let all of your excitement and enthusiasm show.


You know your company is a solid company offering men and women a dynamite opportunity to positively change their lives. That is what you are presenting and that fact alone should give you all the confidence you need.


Get to the point: do not give them the whole story during this session. Hit the highlights, key points; leave them wanting to hear more! Yes, they are going to have questions, some of which you will answer, but respect their time, and your own. Tell them you would like to make another appointment during which time you will be happy to give them as much information as they desire. Let them understand that what you have to tell them is very important and that it deserves a formal meeting during which time you will present the full plan.


The teaser: a variation on the above. If you meet an individual that you have on your affiliate’s list, then do not explain very much about your plans. Simply let them know you have something to discuss with them and that you are quite sure it will be to their advantage to listen. Even if your prospects ask, beg, sweet talk, or plead with you, do not tell them what it is!


Give them a choice: set up two meetings at your home. Your own sponsor should attend both. This initial business meeting is a very important step for everyone. Your guests are busy people, so give them a choice about which meeting they wish to attend. This not only shows consideration, but also sets the professional tone for which you are striving. This initial home meeting should take place within the first two weeks of your becoming an affiliate. It is a great way to generate excitement and quickly begin building your down line team. Having it in your home also tells your prospects that this is something you really feel serious about, a feeling that will be harder to generate if you meet in a commercial establishment.



Reconfirm the exact time and place with your prospect before they leave your initial encounter and then again before the actual meeting.


This is an important step in letting your prospects know that you are serious, and plants the seeds for them to follow your lead.


Some tips

Telephone contacts work well. You control the contact. Prepare for any conversation and make sure you get right to the point. Limit this type of contact to no more than three minutes. Make your invitation to attend either of the two meetings right at the end and let them know you will be calling back to confirm the meeting selected, then thank them and hang up.


If you are a husband and wife team, it is important that both of you be at the presentation. Why? Because other husbands and wives will see you as a team and realizes they can become one too. Set a good example for others to follow. Make sure your prospects understand this is not a party. You are asking them over to listen to a presentation about your company that truly has the potential to dramatically improve their lives.


As a courtesy, suggest to them what they should wear. You do not want some men in suits and others in shorts, do you? It would be a good touch to offer to pick up anyone who might have a problem getting to one of your up-line or center meetings. Tailor your approach to the person you are talking with.


A busy homemaker has one set of needs, a professional person another. The best ways to captivate someone is, tell them what they want to hear!  Know when to stop talking.


Talk about the weather. About how great, or how lousy, the home team did last night. Just stop selling once you sold them! Here is one of life’s major facts. The one thing we all love talking about is ourselves! Having that piece of information working for you, it should also be obvious that it will not be difficult for you to get your prospects to talk about themselves.


It should be easy! Ask your prospects questions about their jobs, family, hobbies and anything relating to them. Then give them a chance to answer. You will listen. You will learn. You will remember. You will add information to your card file. You are presenting added income opportunities and dream realization. You are, in short, offering to let them share in your discoveries.


One last and very important thought; do not compare MathiPay Exchange to any other company! You cannot compare a Rolls Royce to any other car. It has no competition. We feel that way about MathiPay Exchange Corporation Limited and you should too.