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Affiliate Meetings continued.

Remember you are in control

If you follow the steps outlined in this manual, your business will grow faster than you can ever imagine. Your goal is to achieve this level of independence quickly. Here is how:


A few words about format

We encourage you to be creative, but not about the standard format we use in our meetings. You have just read what that format is, stick to it! Certain basic elements of any successful business are standard. The whopper you buy at the burger king in Miami is the same as the one you buy in Seattle. The setting may change, but not the product. MathiPay Exchange Corporation limited has very carefully laid out the steps that would lead to a professional format for all company and affiliate meetings. Following the information contained in this manual will greatly improve your chances for success. Each of these steps presents information in a logical way, and will build major enthusiasm. The sooner you conduct your own presentations, the more confident you will feel. If you have any concerns always remember, your sponsor and up-line are only a call away to help. Be familiar with your company philosophy, its products and services. It is exciting to be part of a successful, dynamic company and a winning team.


Types of meetings

These are important and you, as well as your downline people, should attend as many as possible. The meetings will inform everyone about new products and dynamic new sales ideas.


Center meetings generate much excitement and will provide a solid jolt of positive energy to all who attend. These meetings are very effective when using print media advertising and could increase the number of affiliates in your group. Rapid business growth will come from meetings in the homes of your downline affiliates. Center meetings are an effective follow-up to a home presentation. Using both together will really accelerate your business, so attending should be something you look forward to.


Doing it right