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Select Carefully Your Associates

Professional managers constantly work at improving the amount of knowledge and skills they possess. Being an Affiliate is not incredibly complex and does not require a PhD. It requires a sincere effort, if you plan to make your dreams come true. The cornerstone of any successful enterprise or business venture is a solid well thought out business plan. This is how one is made:


Your Business Plan

Phase 1: Within the first two months of becoming an Affiliate, you can probably identify the three leaders in three separate Legs of your downline Organization. They will stand out like beacons, dedicated to performing everything right. You will know them when you see them. It is possible that one or two of these Leaders are not on your First Level; that is, people you Sponsored. They might be on your Second or Third Level. This does not matter. They are still Leaders, the type of individuals you need to continue building your Network effectively.


Phase 2: Help these first three Leaders identify the three people in their respective Legs that they feel have leadership potential.


Phase 3: Take the next step and have the people identified in Phase 2 above select the three individuals they feel have leadership qualities. Why? What is the purpose behind all this leadership business?


Depth & Width: If you looked at the section about terms, you know what depth and width mean. If you did not, do it now, and then return to this section.


Success and Financial Security come with Width and Depth. Both are basic ingredients in working with the Leaders in your downline Organization. Combine Width & Depth and you have Success & Financial Security!


Please Remember to actively help your personally sponsored Affiliates sponsor their front line quickly, and then continue the process down the line. This allows you to begin growing each leg as quickly and efficiently as possible. It makes sense to concentrate your efforts on your established and emerging Leaders. They represent the key to your success and as such, merit as much of your time and effort as possible.


Who And What Is A Leader?

A Leader is one who can inspire others into action. An Individual who can learn from one with proven leadership, and see the value of it, can pass that knowledge on to others effectively.

A Leader:

1.     Uses and enjoys your company products regularly.

2.     Maintains and develops an ever growing base of retail Customers.

3.     Knows the Product Line.

4.     Understands the Marketing Plan.

5.     Maintains an active Prospect List.

6.     Trains his downline properly.

7.     Promotes and Attends business building functions.

8.     Maintains a high level of communication.

9.     Attends and Gives regular business presentations.

10.  Dresses properly for all business functions and is punctual.

11.  Stays in frequent contact with UP-LINE Leaders.

12.  Continues working to improve his/her skills.

13.  Sets a dynamic example for others.

14.  Is well organized, plans ahead.

15.  Has a systematic plan, follows it.

16.  Helps others develop Leadership skills.


A real Leader’s primary obligation to his/her group is to succeed! They do this by setting a dynamic example through their own work ethic and team spirit. You can encourage this essential element by helping your Downline Affiliates develop their own leadership qualities. A good way to do this is by delegating certain responsibilities to them, so they won’t come to depend on you for everything. You want your eagles to soar as quickly as possible.



It is easier to grow quickly than it is to do so slowly. The reason is simple. When you develop momentum, Prospects turn into Affiliates quickly and you generate more excitement. Think of any successful professional sports franchise; The Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70’s, the San Francisco 49’ers of the 80’s the Boston Celtics over the decades, etc. What did they all have in common? A strong front Office Organization off the field, and lots of positive momentum on the field. You cannot have one without the other. The mere fact that you are reading this says a great deal about your ambition. You have taken the first steps toward achieving something very few people ever do: financial independence on your terms. Now it is up to you. The first push against anything heavy is the toughest, but once you get the object moving, the rest is easy.


Building Momentum

Focus your energy on activities that will increase your business. Concentrate on working with your Downline people and get them motivated. Work with any of your front line Affiliates who are not building their own businesses as quickly as they should. Find out what the problems are and be ready to assist in their solution. End every home meeting by setting a date for the next one. Be aware of any activities in your area that will help generate ongoing excitement, and thus help you keep the momentum going. We are talking about Center Meetings, UP-LINE Business Presentations, Training sessions, etc. You should attend, and you should encourage your Affiliates to attend as well.


Growth Indicators

You know you are doing it right when you see these four growth indicators:

1.    Tool Use: Active use of business tools such as our Information Packets and Executive Sales Kits is a sure sign that your business is expanding at a healthy clip. These devices have been designed to produce maximum results. Their ongoing usage should be music to your ears!


2.  Sponsoring New Affiliates: As you understand by now, your business grows by signing up new Affiliates, and then getting them properly on track to do the same thing. This will generate increased sales, which in turn creates more excitement and an ever-expanding Downline. The outcome is the sponsorship of new Affiliates. Their proper training and motivation means additional earnings in your pocket as well as theirs.


3.  Your Affiliates Having Home Meetings: Here again, you will get the best results when you set the proper example. If you hold regular home meetings, your Affiliates will see they work. That will encourage them to do the same. The more home meetings they have, the faster their business will grow, and you know what that means for you.


4.  Attendance at Business Meetings: The momentum we spoke about before will generate strong attendance of your Downline to all company Business Meetings. This is where new ideas and improvements are talked about. More excitement is generated when your Affiliates attend these functions. Be aware of the above four Growth Indicators and if you see any one of them not present in your organization, do something about it, quickly!


5.   Selling the Products: There are two types of consumers in our business. Wholesale (Affiliates), and Retail, your customers. While building your Organization is exciting, the principle focus is on selling the Products. Achieving sales is vital to increased income, but it cannot come at the expense of neglecting Downline growth. The last thing you want to see is one of your Affiliates that is concentrating all their efforts on sales, and totally neglecting downline expansion. Most people are not comfortable with trying to sell anything, and that is fine. These are the folks who are going to be your Customers. Customers are one foundation for your business and the other is your Affiliates. They go hand-in-hand and ignoring either one will hurt your growth. To avoid the unhappy situation of an Affiliate locked into only selling and not expanding their network, it is important that their first exposure to our industry be a full-blown Business Presentation. This will clearly define their goals and set them on the right track.


Retailing Guidelines

If there is not any interest by a prospect in becoming an Affiliate then turn them into a customer. Here are a few ways to do that:

1.  Refer them to the website.

2.  Ask when you should check back with them. Give them one of your business cards so they can easily contact you.

3.  Keep your new Customer aware of the introduction of any new product or service. While your company intends to introduce both on an ongoing basis, we will do so only after the most careful research and development. When your company introduces a new product this represents a perfect opportunity to tell all your customers and generate new sales.

4.   Invite your customers to attend any presentation where these new items will be introduced, talked about and sampled.