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Giving Something of Value

We all like getting a gift, no matter how small. With a new Prospect, you have begun by giving them your time, and the benefit of your knowledge. Now go a step further and give them something they can hold on to, an “Information Packet”. It is free, contains information they will find valuable and... it gives you the opportunity to make an appointment, to stop by, pick it up, and go over any questions they might have.


The Follow-Up Appointment

The first couple of days after your Prospect receives their “Information Packet” they are at their peak of enthusiasm, so it is important to take advantage of this new found excitement and set the follow-up appointment. The sooner the better! Most people are not ready to commit after just one meeting. You are asking them to make a major decision, and you should not be overly pushy. Quite the contrary! Talk with them, answer their questions, get back to them when you feel it is prudent, but let them come to their decision on their time schedule, not yours.


You should, however, caution them about running around and asking all their friends what they think. If they ask five people, they will get five different opinions, some of which could be negative. Instead, make sure they know you are there to answer any questions they might have. Let them know you think they are bright enough, once they have all the facts, to make this decision on their own. Certainly they should discuss this opportunity with their family, since their involvement is important. But to discuss this with Joe or Mary down the street is counterproductive. Stop taking polls, move forward with your plan for success!


Information Packet

Your information packet should contain the following:


Why give them Something of Value?


Giving something of value is important! Like everything else we ask you to do, there are solid reasons behind the requests. We are sure you will appreciate progressing with us toward your future goals.