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Charting Your Progress

The monthly evaluation of your business is a very exciting moment. This tells you exactly where you are, and how you are doing. It helps you set new goals for next month. Your goal is to see a steady, upward climbing line, not dramatic peaks and valleys. You are building your business. The 10 steps will be your consistent guide to achieving your goals.


Monthly business goals

See how you did the previous month, set new standards for the current and subsequent months. Your sponsor and up-line will help you set the realistic plateaus that you should strive to attain. Please, be realistic. Do not set your goals so high that they guarantee failure. You know what you are capable of and what it takes to get there. Take each step with the great care it deserves.


Setting your monthly goals

Begin by talking with your up-line and sponsor. Then review your previous month’s performance and evaluate your key people. Now begin setting your next month’s goals.


Checking your progress

Every month, you will receive your personal computer printout from your company (or online) with a complete financial profile of your organization. This is an extremely valuable tool, if you use it properly. Here are some ways to accomplish that: proper use of your financial profile will be a big help in letting you chart your business course for the upcoming month, and the months that follow. Each month when your printout arrives, it will be a truly exciting moment. Seeing those numbers in black and white with your name at the top is a rush, believe it. There it is. Your organization. Your efforts. All yours! The best part is, each month the printouts will get longer, have more names and numbers, the sum of which represents how much money you made that month. Making those names and numbers continually grow will become so exciting for you that everything discussed so far will become a living part of your life. You can do it! It will happen!



Review the "Affiliates Training Manual" regularly and ask yourself, which ones are your strong and weak points. Then work on those until you are as strong as possible on all ten.


     You will increase your success rate by:


These steps are your road maps to success. Understand them. Use them. Follow them. Teach them and you will succeed. Know them well enough that when you are talking with new prospects, be able to say, “...and the next step is” and knows what it is. Make them yours!


The paperwork

We can hear some of you now. Ugh, paperwork! Let us talk with that group for just a brief moment. First, there is not that much. Second, you must keep accurate records of your business, and third, doing it properly will ensure that your bonus checks are on time. Moan and groan all you want about doing paperwork, until you get to the last point, and then see how much easier it becomes. Registrations of all Affiliateships are under the sponsor’s name and printed on the form.


When filling out your paperwork, remember:


Non husband & wife partnerships

Both of you must understand this will require a total and continuous commitment from both sides. Do not look upon this as a 50/50 deal. Like a solid marriage, each must be willing to give more than their share to become and then stay successful. You must understand that should problems arise, you cannot split your downline as if it was community property. One of you must be either willing to walk away, or buy out the other partner, so before entering into this type of business relationship, give it both serious thought and consideration. May we suggest the following possibility? If two unmarried individuals want to work together, it is better if one sponsors the other and then helps them build their business separately.


Getting your office together

Using your home as an office may qualify as a tax deduction if you use that part of your home for no other purpose and as your primary place of conducting business. Keep this inflexible IRS mandate clearly in mind when setting up yours. Here are some basic steps to follow:


The hard part of the MLM business is now complete. That is, your decision to take part in the industry with your company, and we congratulate you for that first step. We will give you total support in your efforts to build your own, highly successful business. Remember our motto is... Your success is our success.


What you can expect from us?

Number one, Growth. Yours and ours, altogether. To achieve that, we will continue developing state of the art products. If you make money, we do too. We will provide you with everything you need to succeed and it is still up to you to make the best use of your company wide selection of tools.


MathiPay Exchange Corporation Limited also provides ongoing:


What we expect from you

If one word can sum it up, it is commitment. We care for your success and well-being. Everything we do aims to further enhance those two goals. We expect you to give us your best effort. We expect you to know what we stand for, know our products and share their benefits with others. We expect you to set a strong dynamic example, teach others to do the same, follow our training system format and make others in your organization do the same. We expect you to be honest at all times in dealings with your affiliates, upline, the company, your customers, and the general public. Remember our motto is ... Your success is our success.