MathiPay Exchange


Zero Tolerance In The Fight Against Fraud & Corruption

The amounts of money invested and the diversity of the regions involved require us to be particularly vigilant about fraud and corruption. Strengthening our anti-corruption process is therefore a major objective. Our approach is based on clearly defined principles that have been set out in our Code of Conduct: MathiPay Exchange rejects bribery and corruption in all forms, whether public or private, active or passive." A key reference document, the Code of Conduct outlines the principles governing the actions of each employee, both in their day-to-day decisions and their relations with stakeholders. It also reiterates our support for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the United Nations Global Compact, whose 10th Principle invites companies to act against all forms of corruption.


Rejecting All Forms of Fraud and Corruption

Our firm position on this issue has resulted in:


Our prevention process draws on a network of several hundred fraud risk coordinators and compliance officers, who are responsible for promoting and monitoring initiatives that aim to step up vigilance and identify risks. Present at all levels of the organization, they also help executives and employees manage fraud and corruption incidents. At unit and affiliate level, these officers work together within an Integrity Committee that includes representatives from various departments. Activities are coordinated at Group level by the Corporate Business Integrity Coordinating Committee, which includes representatives from Audit and Internal Control, Compliance, Ethics, Finance, Security, and Human Resources. The Governance and Ethics Committee completes the business integrity process, ensuring that the Code of Conduct is disseminated across the organization and embraced by management and employees.


Our business integrity process is supported by various training and awareness initiatives:


MathiPay Exchange’s Business Integrity Policy and Program

Our business Integrity Policy and Program reaffirm the principle of zero tolerance and strengthen the measures taken to prevent and combat fraud and corruption. They do this through:


A number of related directives, guidelines and procedures have been developed to put our business integrity and corruption prevention policies and programs into practice. They include:


Prevention and Detection Measures

Every day, MathiPay works to prevent and combat fraud and corruption through detection and monitoring measures that include: