MathiPay Exchange


MathiPay Compensation Plan

1.0 Introduction

(a) MathiPay Exchange Corporation Limited (MathiPay Exchange) is unique in the utilization of the concept that encourages and supports the use and retail sales of its products through independent distributors worldwide. MathiPay Exchange is a family of related companies with distributors marketing products and services throughout the world. MathiPay Exchange provides its distributors with the best quality products, support staff and marketing plan in the industry.


 It is unique in utilization of the word of mouth marketing. The affiliated companies and their products provide an opportunity for consumers and distributors to improve their quality of lives from using our high quality products and services which we offer in the market. Unlike most business opportunities, there is little financial risk to MathiPay Exchange’s participants, since no minimum overhead investment is required and the Company provides a liberal buy back policy.


(b) Our company do not represent that a distributor will achieve financial success without working or by relying solely on the efforts of others. Compensation in the MathiPay Exchange is based upon the sale of its products. A distributor is an independent contractor whose success or failure depends on his or her personal efforts.


(c) MathiPay Exchange has a long history of success. The fundamental goal of MathiPay Exchange marketing plan is to promote the sale and use of the Company’s high quality products to consumers. The primary purpose of distributors is to build a sales organization to promote the sale and use of the Company’s products to consumers.


(d) Independent Distributors at all levels of the MathiPay Exchange Marketing Plan are encouraged to make retail sales each month and keep records of such sales.


(e) Successful distributors gain current knowledge of the market by attending training meetings, maintaining their own personal retail customers and sponsoring others to sell retail.


2.0 Definitions of Terms

2.1 Any person who purchases product for their own personal use is a “Retail Customer.”


2.2 A "Case Credit" is a unit of measurement for advancements, bonuses, awards and earned incentives for distributors as set forth in the MathiPay Exchange Marketing Plan. One Case Credit is awarded for each one hundred and fifty US dollars ($150 wholesale) of MathiPay Exchange products or services purchased from the Company.


2.3 The "Affiliate" Level is a distributor who has not yet achieved the level of Associate.


2.4 A "Distributor" is a person, 18 years of age or older, who has completed a distributor application form and has been personally certified at a Company approved Opportunity Meeting, or by a Company-authorized representative.


 All Distributors are required to purchase product(s) and /or services directly from the Company.


2.5 An Active distributor is a distributor who has four or more case credits of Personal Accredited Sales in his Home Country for the month, at least one of which is personally acquired. Personal Accredited Sales can be acquired personally or from personally sponsored Affiliates. The Active status of a distributor is established each month.


2.6 "Home Country" is the country in which a Distributor resides for a majority of time. It is in this country that Directors must qualify to receive group and leadership bonus qualification waivers for all other MathiPay Exchange Business Countries. When a Distributor changes his residence, he must notify his old country of residence so that his address can be changed and a new Home Country assigned.


Warranty, Guarantee, Product Return and Buy Backs

3.1 The following time periods shall apply except where modified by local law.

3.2 MathiPay Exchange warrants satisfaction and guarantees its products and services are free from defect and substantially conform to product specifications. For all MathiPay Exchange Products and services exclusive of literature and promotional products, this warranty and guarantee shall be for a period ending thirty (30) days from date of purchase.


Retail Customers:

3.3 Retail Customers are guaranteed 100% product satisfaction. Within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase, a Retail Customer may (a) obtain a new replacement for any defective product; or (b) cancel the purchase, return the product and obtain a full refund. In all cases, proper notice, proof of timely purchase and timely return of the product is required to be given to source of purchase. MathiPay Exchange reserves the right to reject repetitive returns.


3.4 When MathiPay Exchange Products are acquired from or through a MathiPay Exchange Distributor, that Distributor is the primary party responsible for customer satisfaction by exchanging the product or refunding the money. In the event there occurs a dispute, MathiPay Exchange will determine the facts and resolve the issue. If cash is disbursed by MathiPay Exchange, the same will be charged back to MathiPay Exchange distributors who benefited from the product sales.


Refund and Buy Back Procedure for Distributors

3.5 During the respective stated periods of warranty and guarantee, MathiPay Exchange will provide a new replacement of the same such product in exchange for the defective product or for one that has been returned to a distributor by a Retail Customer for lack of satisfaction. Such replacement shall be subject to validation of presented proof of timely purchase. In addition, for replacements of products to a Distributor for product returns by Retail Customers, a proof of sale to the Retail Customer and written proof of cancellation along with a signed receipt for return of funds as well as the return of product or empty containers will be required. Such purchase must have been done by the party returning the product. Repetitive returns of product by the same parties will be rejected.


3.6 (a) MathiPay Exchange shall buy back any unsold, salable MathiPay Exchange Product or Service, except literature that has been purchased within the previous twelve (12) months from any MathiPay Exchange distributor who terminates their MathiPay Exchange distributorship. Such buy back will be accomplished by the terminating distributor first giving written notice to MathiPay Exchange of their intent to terminate their MathiPay Exchange distributorship and forgo all rights and privileges relating thereto. The terminating distributor must return all products for which a refund is being claimed, along with proof of purchase to MathiPay Exchange Corporation Limited.


(b) If the product returned by a terminating distributor was purchased at Affiliate Price, the profit will be deducted from the immediate upline sponsor and, if the product returned is greater than 1cc, all bonuses and case credits received by the terminating distributor's upline for the products returned, will be deducted from the upline. If the case credits were used for any level move-ups of the distributor or upline, those move-ups may be re-calculated after deducting the case credits to determine if the move-ups should remain in force.


(c) If a terminating distributor returns a Touch of MathiPay Exchange or any other Combination Pak, and it is missing some product, the refund will be calculated as if the entire Combo Pak was returned, and then the wholesale value of the missing components will be deducted from the refund issued. After verification of the facts, the distributor will receive a refund check from MathiPay Exchange in the amount equal to the distributor's cost of the products being returned, less the bonuses personally received by them from their original purchase and the cost of handling, freight and any other appropriate set-offs.


(d) After recouping any costs or damages resulting from the terminated distributor's adverse conduct, if any, MathiPay Exchange will remove the Distributor from the MathiPay Exchange Marketing Plan and his/her entire downline organization will move up directly under the terminating distributor's Sponsor in their current generation sequence.


3.7 The "Buy Back Rule" is designed to impose upon the Sponsor and the Company the obligation to ensure that the sponsored distributor is buying products wisely. Distributors may not buy more product than they can use for their business and personal needs. The Sponsor should make every effort to provide recommended guidelines to distributors so that they purchase only as much product as is required to meet immediate sales needs, and that additional products be purchased only after 75% of that product’s inventory has been sold, consumed or otherwise utilized. Products previously certified as having been sold, consumed or utilized shall not be subject to repurchase under the "Buy Back Rule."