MathiPay Exchange


18.0 Payment of Commission

18.1 Basis for Affiliate Commissions

a) Commissions and other compensation cannot be paid until a completed Agreement has been received and accepted by MathiPay Exchange.


b) Commissions are paid ONLY on the sale of MathiPay Exchange services and products. No commissions are paid on the purchase of Sales or promotional materials or for Sponsoring Affiliates.


c) In order to receive commissions on products and services sold, MathiPay Exchange must have received and accepted an Agreement prior to the end of the commission period in which the sale is made.


18.2 Commission Period

a) A business period refers to the time period opening on the first (1st) day of the commission period and extending up until order entry closes on the last business day of the period (5:00 p.m.).

b) MathiPay Exchange offices are open Monday through Friday 9 6 p.m., with the exception of certain holidays as posted by MathiPay Exchange.


18.3 Commission Payments

a) Commissions are paid to “qualified” Affiliates as defined within the Compensation Plan. Affiliates must consult the Compensation Plan for a detailed explanation of the benefits, commission structure and require­ments of the Compensation Plan.


18.4 Offset of Commissions

a) Any commissions or bonuses earned and paid on products returned must be repaid to MathiPay Exchange by Affiliates earning such commissions. MathiPay Exchange has the right to offset such amounts against future com­missions and other compensation paid or owed to such Affiliates who received commissions.


19.0 Purchase & Sale of Products & Services

19.1 Stockpiling Prohibited

a) The success of MathiPay Exchange depends on retail sales to the ultimate consumer; there­fore all forms of stockpiling are prohibited. MathiPay Exchange recognizes that Affiliates may wish to purchase certain products for their own use. However, MathiPay Exchange strictly prohibits the purchase of products in unreasonable amounts and prohibits the purchase of products only or primarily to qualify for compensation.


19.2 Retail Sales Rules

a) Affiliates must save a copy of the Retail Sales Slip given to retail customers; receipt shall be fully completed and in­clude the name, address and phone number of each retail customer and, upon request by MathiPay Exchange, Affiliates shall provide copies of such receipts to MathiPay Exchange.


b) If MathiPay Exchange deter­mines that retail sales were not actually made, the Affiliate must repay MathiPay Exchange all commissions earned during the calendar period in which the retail sales were to have been made.


19.3 Over 70% Rule

a) In order to receive commissions and overrides, Affiliates must certify on each product order form that they have sold over seventy percent (70%) in dollar value of all products and commissionable services previously purchased by the Affiliate at wholesale from the MathiPay Exchange, to Non-Affiliate consumers.


b) Affiliates shall maintain retail sales records available to the MathiPay Exchange for inspected on request.


19.4 Ordering Methods

a) All orders submitted to MathiPay Exchange shall have the Affiliate Identification Num­ber placed thereon to assist MathiPay Exchange in crediting the appropriate Affiliate.


19.5 Payment Options

a) Purchases may be paid by cashier's check, ACH, debit card, money order, and major credit cards, through MathiPay Exchange Online and Mobile Payments Exchange System of which a distributor MUST be registered as a member.


b) The Affiliate and retail customers are responsible for paying the costs of any returned checks plus an administrative fee charged by MathiPay Exchange, which fee may change at any time based on past payment history of the customer.


c)  If an underpayment is made, the order will not be processed until the full amount is received by MathiPay Exchange. If an overpayment is made, MathiPay Exchange will process the order and issue a credit to Affiliate's account, which will automatically be refund on the next commission check paid to Affiliate.


d) Orders will not be processed if cancellation of a credit card is made. Orders for products are not effective until accepted by MathiPay Exchange.


e) To expedite shipping, Affiliates may authorize MathiPay Exchange to keep a valid credit card on file as security for payment. Overdue amounts will accrue interest at the annual rate of 4% if permitted by the governing law of the country into which the Affiliate or customer belongs.


19.6 Shipping and Handling Policy

a) Subject to availability all products will be shipped by UPS or other similar service within ap­proximately three (3) business days of receipt of payment. Payment for prod­ucts shall be made at time of order.


b) At Affiliate's option, the prod­uct may be shipped to a customer's designated “Ship-To address”, or to the Affiliate.


19.7 Product Delivery

a) Upon clearance of payment, the products and materials ordered will be shipped immediately as stated in section 19.6(a) above.


19.8 Back Order Policy

a) MathiPay Exchange will expeditiously ship all products currently in stock. Any out-of-stock items (unless discontinued) will be placed on back order and dis­tributed upon MathiPay Exchange receiving additional inventory.


b) Affiliate will be charged and granted commissions on back ordered items once they are shipped unless notified of the discontinuance of such product.


c) Back orders may be cancelled upon Affiliate's request and will create a credit on the Affiliate's account.


19.9 Damaged Goods

a) The shipping company is responsible for any damage that occurs after it takes physical custody of the products.


b) Affiliate who receives damaged goods should follow this procedure:

i) Accept delivery;
ii) Before the driver leaves, document on the delivery receipt the num­ber of boxes which seem to be damaged and have the driver acknowledge the damage in writing;
iii) Save the damaged products or boxes for inspection by the shipping agent;
iv) Make an appointment with the shipping company to have the dam­aged goods inspected, and call the MathiPay Exchange Customer Service Department.


20.0 Shipping Loss

a) In the event Affiliate or a consumer does not receive a prod­uct order from MathiPay Exchange in a timely fashion, the individual should contact the Sales Department at MathiPay Exchange for support and tracking of the order.


20.1 Refused Shipments

a) Should Affiliate refuse delivery on any order he or she has placed with MathiPay Exchange and such product is subsequently returned to MathiPay Exchange; MathiPay Exchange shall have the right to place that Affiliate on suspension pending resolution of the refusal of delivery.


b) Neither Affiliate nor a consumer shall refuse any ship­ment from MathiPay Exchange unless prior approval of MathiPay Exchange has been obtained.


20.2 Pricing Policy

a) MathiPay Exchange will furnish Affiliates with a discount from its published retail prices in its then current consumer catalog or order form in accordance with its policies.


b) The discount mentioned in section 20.2(a) above does not apply to literature, business aids, gifts or special promotional items.


c) Prices for MathiPay Exchange's products, services and literature are subject to change without prior notice.


20.3 Receipts

a) Affiliates must provide all retail purchasers of MathiPay Exchange's products with writ­ten receipts.


20.4 Retail Pricing

a) MathiPay Exchange provides a suggested retail price as a guideline.


20.5 Promotional Items

a) All promotional items which bear MathiPay Exchange name or logo must be purchased solely from MathiPay Exchange unless prior written permission is obtained from MathiPay Exchange Home Office.


20.6 Sales Tax

a) MathiPay Exchange may collect sales tax on taxable items.  Affiliates may be responsible to collect and remit sales tax on personal retail sales to the appropriate tax agencies.


20.7 Place of Sale

a) The integrity of MathiPay Exchange marketing plan is built upon person-to-person, one-on-one and in-home presentation methods of sale.


b) MathiPay Exchange's products may not be sold to or displayed by any retail outlet, including, but not limited to supermarkets or food stores, flea markets or swap meets, permanent restau­rant displays, bars or night clubs or any such similar establishment, conve­nience stores or gas stations.


20.8 Product & Services Claims

a) Affiliates may make no claim, representation or warranty concerning any product or service of MathiPay Exchange, except those expressly approved in writing by MathiPay Exchange or contained in official MathiPay Exchange materials.


20.9 Fax Blasts & Spamming Policy

a) Fax blasting and unsolicited e-mailing (spamming) is strictly prohibited.


30.0 Retail Guarantee & Refund Policy

30.1 Retail Customer Guarantee

a) Affiliate offers a thirty (30) day, 100% money-back, and satisfaction guarantee to all retail customers.


b) If a retail customer is dissatisfied with any product for any reason regarding to the foregoing article in section 30.1(a) above, then the retail customer may return that product in its origi­nal package and shipping container to the Affiliate who sold the product within thirty (30) days of purchase, for either replacement or a full refund of the purchase price.

c) All other warranties and guarantees are disclaimed.


30.2 Warranties

a) Except as expressly stated herein, MathiPay Exchange makes no warranty or representa­tion as to the merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanship or any other warranty concerning any product or service purchased from or through MathiPay Exchange.


30.3 Return Policies

a) To return products to MathiPay Exchange you must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and return the products within 7 days after you receive the RMA.


b) MathiPay Exchange will refund the original purchase price of products, and related sales taxes.


c) Shipping & handling fees are not refundable. You are responsible for products until MathiPay Exchange receives them.


d) Affiliate returning the product(s) will be charged a restocking fee of 10% to return products.


e) Returned products must be in the same condition as you received them. This return policy is not a warranty.


f) MathiPay Exchange will not accept for return any products you purchased from a Reseller. In order to properly process a refund or exchange, Affiliates must fol­low the steps and conditions set forth below:

All returns to MathiPay Exchange must be accompanied by:

i) A signed statement from the retail customer identifying the rea­son for the return;

ii) A copy of the original retail sales receipt; and

iii) The name, address and telephone number of the retail customer

iv) MathiPay Exchange will prepay the cost of shipping the replacement product(s).


g) Affiliate requesting for refund may at MathiPay Exchange's discretion and option be treated as a termination of the Affiliateship if there is reasonable ground for returning the products.


30.4 Buyer's Right to Cancel

a) Federal and State law grants a buyer the right to cancel certain sales without penalty prior to midnight of the third business day after the transaction.


b) This rule covers retail consumer sales of $25.00 or more that occur away from the seller's main office.


c) Affiliates must orally inform the buyer of the three-day right to cancel at the time the buyer purchases the goods and delivery three-day cancellation notices to every customer.