MarsCoin seeks to provide a Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) for the Mars Internet Community.

MarsCoin will actively support full & analog missions, research & development, projects and publications relating to Mars.

A mc refers to 'Martian Credits' or 'MarsCoin', the names are interchangeable. This is the LETS symbol for the exchange unit and each unit is divisible by 100.
New members are given 5mc allowing them to trade goods and services amongst members. 

MarsCoin aims to make Mars Development Companies (MDCs) succeed!!! MDC's will be given a higher starting credit than regular users enabling them them to directly tap the pool of global talent MarsCoin will provide.

An example......a company will post an advertisement in the MarsCoin Marketplace requesting services for Website Design or Software/Embedded Controller developers. The company then pays these people in mc saving them valuable real capital. This lowers the overall real capital costs of development & BAU's which help eliminate cost overruns and make more Mars projects feasible.