Encouraging collaboration among New Fringers

Examples of how Fringecoin can be used

Within the New Fringe community, Fringecoins can be exchanged for the time and skills of other members.

How does this work?

As an example, let's say you're Sarah, a musician. You want some professional photos of your band rocking it up on stage. There are some photographers in the group. So you approach one called Brenda and ask, "Please would you take some photos in exchange for Fringecoins?"

Brenda agrees - great! She spends two hours taking photos and four hours editing them, so you owe Brenda six Fringecoins (one for each hour of work). You started with ten Fringecoins, like all members. You use this system to send Brenda six Fringecoins, and now you've got four left.

Brenda's now got 16 Fringecoins. She's mad about her cat Rover, so she commissions a painter, Bob, to do a portrait of Rover.  That costs Brenda all of her Fringecoins. If Brenda wants more Fringecoins to spend, she'll have to do some more photos for someone else, or she can volunteer at the New Fringe to earn more.

Bob, the painter, now has 26 Fringecoins. He puts an advert out for a New Fringer to build him a website in return for Fringecoin. Luckily, as well as being an awesome musician, you're a dab hand with code. So now you can earn more Fringecoins by building Bob a website!

In this way, we can all help each other, and be rewarded for the time we put in.