Welcome to the cyclos nfc demo community

Please follow the following steps to test the NFC:


Initialize & personalize card

Install POS

Congratulations you can now test our smartphone POS

* Note: you can also do this in a later stage. Only admins can initialize cards, brokers and members (e.g. shops) can personalize cards, meaning assigning them for customers. This can be done by searching for the customer in the normal user search option, going in to the user details and hold the phone away from the card and click on Personalize NFC card and when asked by the phone hold the card as close to the phone as possible. When you want to assign a card to another customer the card needs to be formatted by an admin or broker, after which it can be initialized and personalized for the new user. The format option can be found at the card manage page. Usually new 'blank' cards are already formatted by the factory, meaning it is not needed to format them before initializing.