Welcome to the Quantar asset based Trading Network!

We can create our money supply as either a debt or as an asset.

In a debt system, if you borrow one dollar in the year 1500AD at 6% compound interest, then your debt in 2015AD will be 22.8 trillion dollars, with ten trillion dollars arising in the last ten years alone. In an asset system, if you borrow one dollar in 1500AD at 0% compound interest, then your debt in AD2015 will be one dollar! Which financial system would you prefer?

This is not a difficult choice, for every transaction within a debt based system creates a shadow which eventually plunges humanity into the dark vortex of usury, while every transaction within an asset based system creates a quanta of light which through time reveals 'the incandescence of humanity.'

The Quantar Trading Market is a new asset based digital currency for the people, named after the nature of quantum light, and it uses the limitless treasure of the human body-psyche as its unit of currency, freeing humanity from the historical forms of finance which have included the chains of a slave and money created as commodities or privately owned debt.

Quantar defines money as 'I will go to the sea for a fish if you go to the hills for fruits and tonight we will feast', the same currency which we used throughout four million years of human hunter-gatherer existence. Quantar also uses a measure an hourly measure of ten Quantars based upon the distance that a normal human of 80kg will travel at the walking speed of 5km/hr, a distance of 5000 metres. The metre is a measure of the speed of light within a vacuum so the Quantar is a measure of human physiology, time, distance and the speed of light!

To demonstrate Quantar we can imagine a situation where Mrs 'T' in Idaho needs her lawns mowed but has no money. John can mow her lawns but Mrs 'T' has no money to pay him. John also wants a Japanese language lesson from a tutor in Tokyo and the tutor wants a bag of vegetables from the local Tokyo market. The skills and resources are available but we are gridlocked due to a lack of 'money.'

Mrs 'T', John, the Japanese tutor and the produce seller however could join the new digital currency Quantar which uses Cyclos banking software for an annual registration fee of $US8, plus a nominal fee from Cyclos, to create a Quantar bank account with an initial credit of 500 Quantars. We can note that the base Quantar wage rate is ten Quantars per hour so 500 Quantars is fifty base Quantar hours of work. This is quite a bargain for only $8! These four people can now trade their skills and resources for one another using Quantar digital currency based upon an agreed hourly measure.

To change the world then we need to simply change the nature of money, to find a ‘higher octave’ of finance, and if ten people understand this monetary concept and transmit it to ten further people, then within only ten repetitions of this monetary chain the entire planet would be introduced to a new monetary concept which could revolutionise our world!