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This is the first step to create your online Community Currency (cc) network. First enter a "Network name", this will be the name of your cc system e.g. "Transition town Utrecht". Then enter the network URL, this will be the URL for the website of your Network. An example: when you fill "utrecht" your "URL" will be "". Subsequently fill in your currency name (e.g. "Units") and your currency symbol (e.g. "IU") and chose if you want to display the currency symbol after the amount (e.g. "100 IU") or before (e.g. "IU 100").

Finally select your credit emission type. When you select "Negative account limit" every account will start with a zero balance, but the account can go negative up to the amount specified in the "Negative account limit" (a.k.a. mutual credit). When you select "Initial credit" every new user will get an automatic payment coming from the system debit account. The amount of this payment can be specified in the field "Initial credit".

Note1: please check everything carefully! The community configuration cannot be changed after it has been created. The initial data such as account names and payment types will be created in the language you have chosen and cannot be changed afterwards.

Note2: The credit limit can be changed per user and a manual initial credit payment can be done (from the system debit account).
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Please enter the username for the administrator of your CC network. The administrator can use this username to login to Cyclos. The password will be sent to you after you have validated your email.

We will create an online overview of all Cyclos communities per city (email and name will not be shown), so please fill in everything as complete as possible. The country will also be used for localization settings, such as the phone number format.

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Be aware you can only register one community per person!

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