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Become a self sufficient organization

Your own Christian Community Network

SABIB is committed to serve the Lord by identifying and helping church organizations who are willing to live by the Spirit, not fulfilling the desires of the flesh. We are non-denominational and our values, inspiration and authority is based and grounded on the Word of God.

Our dealing with individuals and groups has the intention to build the Kingdom of God, increase and establish disciples of the Lord that can interact with a lost world, showing forth the glory of the Lord in His Love. Structures and processes are solely and simply based on love. Do to another as you want them do to you.

We provide the environment and the infrastructure for every business owner/director and every professional to become a social community trader for Christ. You are called for the marketplace, to proclaim Christ to a dead and lost world. Be the light and the salt. Business is conducted in a manner that is worthy of the Lord and His name.

The wealth inside a community will increase as the members love and care for one another, to ensure that needs are addressed, work opportunities are created and the character of Christ is visible to the world.

Communities become fully self-sufficient by:

  • Putting the needs of the community first,
  • Using internal social communication structures,
  • Creating a trading network for each member,
  • Keeping the wealth inside the community,
  • Using internal payment and trading platforms,
  • Keeping the money inside the community.

The Christian Community Network (CCN) provides the member and the organization or individual groups with the functionality to create their own trading area, whether in skill, labour or products. They have  a wallet (informal money account) for internal transactions. The wallet enables them to buy and sell within the community. Money can be transferred to and from the wallet using normal bank transactions as and when required.

The economic goal of the community is to incorporate ALL services within, thus eliminating the need to do business outside. Only the minimum transaction that cannot be avoided will still be done outside, like the municipality.

This model of independence and self sufficiency is available immediately. Contact us today to learn more about it.