About SB

About the SB Currency

The Swindon Brunel "SB" Currency is a local, digital, complementary, green, charitable and democratic currency based in the British town of Swindon.

When did we launch?

How are we complementary?

The SB operates alongside the national currency, the Pound Sterling "GBP", and is not intended to replace the use of British Pounds in the town. Whilst you can pay for many items in the local "SB" currency, taxes are raised, calculated and paid in Pound Sterling "GBP" to HM Revenue & Customs. Apart from taxes, you still have to pay for some things in national currency, such as utility bills (if your supplier is a national or international company), insurance premiums and holidays outside of the SB coverage area.

How are we digital?

The SB currency is spent and moved via the online platform as well as via the Mobile App and SMS.

How are we green?

No paper is used to produce Currency Notes/Vouchers. No metal is used to produce coins. Also, through members' activity on generating SB, trees and plants are planted and local organic produce is increased. In addition, local Bird-life are taking into account by increasing Birdhouses/boxes.

How are we democratic?

1) Internal Colleague-affecting Affairs
We are a Worker Co-operative / Democratic Enterprise and everyone who works here are equal partners. Every four weeks all colleagues can put their name forward to stand as a candidate for Manager, regardless of how long they have been working there. All colleagues will then have one vote each to elect the new manager. At the end of the four week term, the manager will be subject to a second vote by everyone else to determine whether or not they found the manager to have done a good job. If so, then a management supplement is paid out to the manager. If colleagues do not like something that a manager has done or is planning to do, they can democratically vote to veto such plans or can place of no confidence in the manager and ask them to stand down, prompting a fresh election to begin.

2) All Member-affecting Affairs
All SB Members aged 16 and over can meet at the monthly Members' Assembly where they can discuss ideas that either we at SB or members themselves have proposed. We can listen to members' concerns, ideas and general SB-related comments. We also hold democratic voting sessions (sort of like a transparent economic parliament with Direct Economic Democracy). We can hold many different voting sessions in a single Members' Assembly.

How are we charitable?