The Trading System

The Discount System has two member types: Business Members and Discount Members. Discount System members can only trade their TP as a discount in transactions between them. Similar to the way in which loyalty cards and benefits cards work. Business Members can only use their TP for advertising / marketing via our system. Most importantly; all the TP used for advertising / marketing are then transferred to the Welfare System.

Trading Facilitators

Trading Facilitators are Online Traders that are also Brokers. They facilitate (help) members of the Trading System to trade more by:


Traders are small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) that trade with each other and the public in TPs. Traders can also give a discount of no more than 50% to Discount Members, however the Traders TP are income and therefore taxable but because they will be used for advertising or for B2B purchases (expenses) they are not taxable in the end!

Online Traders

Online Traders are Traders who use the internet to trade.

TP Source Traders

TP Source Traders are Traders whose business products and services qualify for transition action rewards and transition knowledge rewards – rewards that are given to the purchaser in TPs. A source of most of the new TPs comes from the TP Source Traders transaction with other all other members.