Getting started

Getting Started

To join the WHETS, you must:

Each orientation includes an introduction to WHETS, an overview of member guidelines, a tutorial of the software program, an introduction to World Heritage and inspiration on how you as an individual may link heritage with actions for sustainable development. 

Click here or on the word Join at the top right hand corner of this screen to fill out an online application.

Once you have become a member, please:

Starting to use WHETS

Login and

Feel free to browse the offers and requests for inspiration. You can ask for help buy clicking on the envelope icon link and sending a message to your WHETS coordinators. See the icon at the top right of the home page.

You can visit the help guide for a page. Click on the "?" at the top right of each page.

Ongoing Use of WHETS

Do this again and again to help keep our community alive and flourishing.

Happy WHETing!