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Earning and spending credits - some examples

There are four ways credits can be earned and spent:
1 : 1
1: Many
Many : 1
Many : Many

Here are a few examples:

This is a story of x from x, v 
And how they based on their needs, talents, skills.., made use of timebanking to realise ... in the communities and linking heritage with actions for sustainable development.

Alice is a World Heritage site manager, and she wants advise ahead of conducting stakeholder consultations. She goes to the timebank marketplace, searches for ‘stakeholder’ and notices that Bob (another site manager) is offering a 1-hour stakeholder involvement consulting service. Alice decides to spend one of the hours she earned from doing graphic design work for another member on Bob’s consulting service. Bob provides the service, earns an extra hour in his time wallet, and then decides to spend his hour on Carol’s local dog walking service.

Yunus is a seasoned traveller who is using the timebank to find unique experiences. He loves visiting World Heritage sites and to spend some days in the nearby During his previous trip he spent three time credits to attend a local supper-club hosted by Luisa. Luisa, spends the credits earned on yoga sessions provided by Thomas. Thomas spends time credits earned to participate in a community festival.

Sara is a successful lawyer with a private practice. As part of her corporate social responsibility strategy she is using WHETS to offer basic legal advise via Skype group calls. Sara spends her  to get help from Morokolo, a self-thought programmer and hobby  , who helps her with technical support. With the  earned, Morokolo is able to get a special deal (e.g. on travel insurance) negotiated by World Heritage Catalysis.

Lucie is a small bed and breakfast owner not far from a World Heritage site. To supplement her rather irregular income stream, she offer to wash and mend ppls clothes against . Both travellers (inlc. Yunus) and locals (incl Carol) appreciate and make use of this extra service. For the WHETS earned Lucie gets legal advise from Sara on how to draft an employment contract. 

Shafiek, a retiree, has lived his whole life in the village. He loves sharing stories and insight not . As he is not a certified guide he is instead using WHETS to offer walking tours against . For time credits earned he buys gardening help from  and gets a regular shave from Roy

Carol the dog walker and Morokolo the programmer both enjoy traditional dancing, and are members of a local group. They have been invited to perform at the opening session of the World Heritage conference. As the payment only will cover transport costs, they have agreed to perform against being paid in . For the time credits earned they pay Lucie to fix their dancing costumes. 

A group of friends, xxx, are 

Geir is a government employee with office in the City. is working in the City, and driving alone in his car every day. He decides to use WHETS to offer lift. This way he gets company, is able to help somebody else and half his environmental footprint. It also feels safe offering lift to a WHETS member, rather than picking up a random hitchhiker. Sue is a student and appreciate saving money on transport. Geir loves his car, and spend his time credits to have his car washed by Tom who struggles after loosing his job. Tom spends  earned to get a meal (cooked by Z) and offered at the local shelter.

Sue, the student is doing her master in heritage studies, and is dreaming of a career in heritage management. In order to work towards her dream she is using WHETS to look for and get relevant experience. She discovers that a World Heritage site is organizing an event and needs volunteers, offering  as payment. Sue gets unique experience and a network. 

A WH site is as part of developing a sustainable tourism strategy organizing a local stakeholder consultation meeting. With a limited budget, they will need volunteers to help with logistics. They use WHETS to set up an ad specifically inviting students to apply.

A WH site wants to reward ppl who are contributing to the local community, and decides to offer entrance and audio guides against . This way the WH management organization is able to earn enough ₩ to appoint X to help them develop a social media strategy. In this sm strategy, they market this and other offers. X spends  earned to have his motor bike fixed by X. X, hwo is a single dad, spends  earned with help to pick up his kid from kindergarden when he needs to work overtime.

An international insurance company is looking for a corporate social investment opportunity. Learning about WHETS they offer a special deal where ₩ can be used against a percentage discount. (Morokolo and Yunus being amongst those benefiting from this deal.) As this is a big successful organization they don't really need , so they decide to donate them to the WHETS Community Fund benefitting members, projects or initiatives. This way the big successor company is able to boost its social responsibility profile. 

Trygve is a frequent traveler with several frequent flyer bonus cards. He loves being upgraded without having to pay for it. Trygve is not shy about posting pictures from his good life on social media. Trygve likes to think he is a responsible traveler, but when all comes to all, he prefers a good deal. To please his more idealistic daughter he signed up for WHETS, only to discover new incentives and rewards. He discovers that by choosing to stay with a certified accommodation, he earns points he can use to eg get a massage from x or a golf lesson from y. Through the frequency Trygve is traveling and the use of WHETS he is nevertheless quite surprised when he is rewarded WHETS Hero status. This time his social media post got a lot of likes - even from his critical daughter. 

A hotel management has recently been certified. It realize being certified does not necessarily attract more guests. Through a private sector partnership with WHETS, it is able to award guests with  upon booking. This way the accommodation provider is able to incentivize travel let's to make a booking with them, and consciously or not, making a responsible deduction.  

Joe is a national World Heritage focal point since forever, and he has therefore gained some experience relating to Periodic Reporting. He is from time to time informally contacted by other national focal points for advise on how to handle this task. Although Joe wants to share he is not able to offer his working time on this type of support, neither is he willing to do this after work without being compensated. He therefore suggests for his boss using WHETS to offer a limited time to provide such support against the org earning . The org is forward looking and accepts. The ₩ earned is used towards translating world heritage information material into Arabic. 

Ahmad is a Syrian refugee. In Syria he was a student of languages, specialism get in Arabic, English and French. Ahmad is offering translation services through WHETS. He gets the opportunity to assist x and earn . The  he spend on attending a local quiz group. Here he has been able to meet up with local people of his own age. He even met Heidi who became his girlfriend. Actually Heidi and Ahmad are now engaged to get married. 

An international consultant 

An academic..,